May 2015
Golden Pond Retirement Community 3415 Mayhew Road Sacramento,
CA. 95827 (916) 369-8967
Celebrating May
Military Appreciation Month
Congratulations Nelly Fry!
The winner of our monthly “Guess How Many” game is Nelly!
205 Candies in there! Don’t forget to stop by the office for the
next guessing game & start guessing!
Concert in the Park!
May 1
Kentucky Derby
May 2
Cinco De Mayo Celebration
May 5
Resident Council Forum
May 6
Farmer’s Market
May 9 & 30
Mother’s Day
May 10
Sacramento Theater
Company at the Pond
May 12
Sacramento Theater
Company Play
May 14
May 16
Congratulations Luis Armenta!
May 2015
May Birthdays
Services at the Pond
 Would you like to have your blood pressure
taken? Do you have a health question? We
have Mary, our very own Registered Nurse;
please stop by the Med Room for questions
or simply to say hello!
 Dry Cleaning Services
We have dry cleaning servies available on
Mondays & Thursdays. Simply put your
garment in a bag with your name on it and bring
the bag to the front office. There is a charge of
$3.00 dollars for each item of clothing.
 Need a massage?
Lori is our Massage Therapist and she will even
come to you! Lori is available on Tuesdays so
please call her to make an appointment. The fee
is $40.00 for a full hour session. Lori can be
reached at her new number (916) 835-2498.
In astrology, those born from the 1st to the
20th in May have the star sign of the Bull of
Taurus. Bulls show steady, dogged
persistence. Once goals are reached, they
enjoy being rewarded, especially with beauty
and peace at home. Those born between the
21st and 31st are Gemini’s Twins. Geminis
love conversation, and they are good at it, too!
Witty, intellectual, curious, charming, and
imaginative, they‘re often the life of the party.
# 89 Marie Thomas-----------May 10
# 57 Nobuko Hayashi------May 11
# 49 Jean Gifford--------------May 11
# 39 Dorothy Jones-------- May 13
# 31 Mary Lou Nadler—May 14
Antonio Morales-------5/1--------ALP
Russell Thomas----------5/23----- Maintenance
Beauty Shop
Please call for an appointment
Susan (916) 541-7855
Megan Rosas (916) 308-9816
Tuesdays 9:00-3:00p.m Susan
Wednesday 9:30-3:00p.m Megan
Thursday 9:30-3:00p.m Megan
Friday 9:00-3:00 p.m Susan
Saturday 9:00-2:00 p.m Susan
Join us every Monday at 1:30pm in the Friends &
Family Dining upstairs as we get rooted in the
Word of God. Various studies are held throughout
the year. Come and let’s journey together during
this exciting Bible study time.
Need a Prayer?
If you have a prayer need, there are several ways
you can let us know how we can agree with you in
1. Join us every Monday at 1:30 for prayer time.
2. Fill out a prayer card located in the dining room,
near the sign-up sheets! Place your prayer request
in the prayer box
3. Call the Golden Pond office and ask for one of
our prayer partners to connect with you.
May 2015
The Mother of All Holidays
Celebrated with great enthusiasm in the United
States, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 10.
And why shouldn’t it be celebrated so
enthusiastically? Where would we be without
our mothers? The fact is we would not be at all.
Anna Jarvis is known as
the mother of Mother’s
Day, for she so adored
her mom that she
campaigned for a
holiday to celebrate all
mothers. Jarvis herself never married nor bore
children, but this didn’t stop her from lobbying
those in power to set aside a day to honor
mothers. By 1911, most every state in America
was celebrating Mother’s Day, and on May 8,
1914, U.S. President Woodrow Wilson declared
the second Sunday in May to be Mother’s Day.
In the United Kingdom, a holiday honoring
motherhood dates back much further than
1914. In the 1600s, the fourth Sunday of Lent
was dedicated as Mothering Sunday. Church
services were devoted to the Virgin Mary, and
families were encouraged to attend services not
at their local parish but to return to their larger
“mother” church, or cathedral. Also, in a time
when many servants worked in the homes of
the rich away from their own families, these
servants were allowed time to return home and
visit their mothers. The tradition of Mothering
Sunday largely died out in the 19th century, but
when American servicemen flooded Europe
during World War II—bringing their American
Mother’s Day holiday with them—Mothering
Sunday became popular once again.
Whatever the month, March or May, and
whatever the country—be it in the U.K.,
America, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Ireland,
South Africa, Spain, India, France, or
elsewhere—cultures have all understood the
importance of honoring motherhood. Whether
you give the mothers in your life a carnation, a
greeting card, or a special Simnel cake loaded
with fruit, what matters is thanking and honoring
all mothers for the miraculous gift of birth.
Gimme Five
Cinco de Mayo—which is Spanish for “Fifth of
May”—is often a cause for celebration among
Mexicans and most anyone else interested in
Mexican food, drink, and music. Some lessinformed revelers will claim Cinco de Mayo as
the day of Mexico’s independence. Those in the
know will tell you it celebrates the Mexican
army’s 1862 victory over the French at the
Battle of Puebla, led by General Zaragoza.
In 1862, Mexico had just gained its
independence from Spain. France seized this as
an opportunity to expand its empire and
launched an assault at Veracruz, a 600-mile
march from Mexico City. An underwhelming
Mexican militia of 4,500 led by Zaragoza met
the 8,000 well-armed French troops at Puebla.
Though the French army was considered the
greatest fighting force in the world, the Mexicans
defeated the French. Six years later, France
withdrew its claim on the country. But it was this
May 5 David-versus-Goliath moment that
instilled a new sense of patriotism and national
pride in the young country of Mexico.
Welcome the new fish at the Pond!
# 73 Joyce Tucker
# 36 Joyce Wilke
#101 Barbara McDonald
#107 Mercedez Helmer
The Resident & Family Referral Program
Attention all residents! When you refer someone to
Golden Pond and that person moves in, you will
receive a $750.00 bonus. Your referral bonus credit
will be applied to your monthly invoice 30 days after
the new resident you referred moves into Golden
Help create your own community enviornment by
inviting your senior friends and family to join our
wonderful neighborhood at Golden Pond!.
Golden Pond now offers open transportation on
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to
Doctor’s appointments, or any other locations
you need to visit within 13 miles. If you need a
trip to a grocery store, pharmacy, bank, hair
appointment, vet appointment or anywhere else,
just let us know. Please be advised that
Doctor’s appointments take priority over all
other personal appointments. Scheduling
transportation is easy! Schedule your
appointments on:
Tuesdays between 9:00am and 4:00pm,
Wednesdays between 11:30am- 4:00pm, or
Thursdays between 9:00am - 4:00pm.
Call the front desk and let us know when and
where your appointment will be, and we
schedule your transportation and provide a
reminder call the day before your scheduled
To schedule transportation, or if you have
questions about our new transportation process,
please call the front desk at
(916) 369-8967.
Please feel free to visit the front desk for a list of
the most commonly visited hospital and medical
offices within our services area. You may also
contact the front desk to find out if any of the
locations you would like to visit are within our
service area. If you need an escort, please
schedule your appointments on Tuesday or
Thursday, so we can provide this service.
Business Office Hours
Monday–Thursday 9:00-5:00
Fri, Sat & Sun
9:00 am - 5:00pm
After Hours
Please Call (916) 835-2129
Golden Pond Retirement Community
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