information using the online shop and iPad

Your child’s iPad will be deployed at:
CBS Thurles
On 19th June 2015
Store Opens : 10th April 2015
Store Closes: 15th May 2015
Please type this link into your web browser:
1. Click Order Now for your childʼs year group.
2. Select iPad or BYOD (Bring Your Own iPad).
8. Choose payment method.
9. Enter credit card details if this is your chosen
method of payment.
3. Select the Case you wish to buy.
4. Select to pay insurance on the store or offline.
5. Click on books that your child will need. Books have
been pre-approved by school.
6. Enter your childʼs first name, middle name and
7. Enter billing address details. Please note this is only
for the purpose of the invoice, the iPad will be delivered
to the school.
To ensure deployment on this date,
you need to place your order by
Please note that there will be an
increased deployment fee of €50
on any order placed after the store
closing date.
10. Review your order and proceed. You can click
ʻStart againʼ if you made a mistake and need to go
back, do not use the back button please.
11. Check order confirmation in your emails. Please
note that an account may be created for your future
purchases and you will have to enter your email
address and choose a password.
12. Call 01 5009060 if you have any issues with this
For students who already
have an iPad. You still need to
log onto the store to purchase
your eBooks for school.
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