Looking at socio-ecological systems: My work so far

Looking at socio-ecological
systems: My work so far
Ana Catarina Luz
Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, Mozambique
Since my PhD I am interested in the study of Socio-Ecological Systems.
So far I have been dedicated to the study of how indigenous and rural
societies use and manage natural resources and what is their
perception over the unsustainable use of resources. Specifically,
during my PhD I studied an indigenous society of the Bolivian Amazon
and how socio-economic changes resulting from globalization and
development, change their hunting patterns and consumption of
bushmeat for subsistence. For this work I used an interdisciplinary
methodological framework combining methods from different areas,
such as Ecology (transects), to Social Sciences (participatory mapping
and interviews to collect socio-economic quantitative data). Recently,
in my post-doc, I participated in another interdisciplinary project,
where once again I used participatory mapping to map the use of
mopane forest (Colophospermum mopane) for charcoal production in
rural communities in Mozambique and different social methods to
analyse the charcoal value chain and revenues for the local rural
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