Butterflies a Flutter Quilt by Jenifer Cowles

Butterflies a Flutter Quilt by Jenifer Cowles
Supply List: (for a Crib Quilt 36 in x 45 in)
• SpraynBondTM Basting Adhesive
• Butterfly Pattern print out
• 1 yard background fabric
• Coordinating Fat Quarters (at least 6) for butterflies
• 1 yard Backing fabric
• 1/2 yard Coordinating fabric for optional ruffle
• Batting
• Thread
• Scissors
Quilting just got a little easier with use of the new SpraynBondTM Basting Spray by Therm O Web.
It makes sewing fast and fun without the use of pins. Here is a cute but very simple quilt that Jenifer Cowles
made using SpraynBondTM to speed up her placing and sewing. Just imagine all the possibilities!
As for the butterfly shapes, you can also enlarge or shrink them for more options while making this quilt.
Directions for the applique portion of the Butterfly Quilt:
1. Prewash appliqué and quilt face fabrics before using
(without fabric softeners).
Pretest SpraynBond™ on a scrap piece of fabric before starting project.
2. Cut out your appliqué shape. See attached page of the adorable
butterfly shapes for you to use as templates! (Figure 1)
3. Shake SpraynBond™ can well. (Figure 2)
Spray the back of the appliqué butterfly with SpraynBond™
Basting Spray in a sweeping motion.
Figure 1
4. Place the sprayed butterfly on the quilt face while it is still tacky. If you don’t like where you placed it you
can just peel it off and re-stick it till you are happy with your placement. (Figure 3)
5. Once the butterflies are on the project as you like them, simply them
into place. You could use an embroidery foot or a walking foot. The use
of SpraynBond™ saves you a lot of time since there are no pins to put in
or take out as you sew. (Figure 4)
6. Use SpraynBondTM to tack your batting on the back of the quilt topper
and backing fabric. Quilt as desired.
7. Wash the project according to fabric used. SpraynBondTM washes out
leaving your quilt soft and fluid.
Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4
Close Up of Butterflies a Flutter