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What is the Human Library?
The Human Library concept started in Denmark and has travelled all over the world! The Human Library
is an innovative method designed to promote dialogue, reduce prejudice, and encourage understanding.
Spend twenty minutes talking with a Living Book—someone who has experienced prejudice due to their
religion, disability, job or other factors.
The conversation does not have to be politically correct, but it does have to be compassionate. Visitors
to a Human Library are given the opportunity to speak informally with “people on loan;” this latter
group being extremely varied in age, sex and cultural background. Read a Living Book to gain knowledge
and understanding. Ask, in a compassionate conversation, what you've always wanted to know.
How to check out a Living Book.
Becoming a reader is very easy. Call or go to the library’s circulation desk and pre-register to check out a
living book. Preregistration begins March 9th. You can check out up to three Living Books. Although
there may be Living Books available for walk-ins who don’t pre-register, we can’t guarantee it. The
Living Books will be here on Sunday, March 22, 2015 from 1pm-5pm.
A unique opportunity.
Becoming a reader is a unique opportunity for you to challenge your beliefs, face your fears, or simply
inform yourself about issues faced by others. Building bridges through dialogue is one way of creating
safety, tolerance and compassion in a community.
How it works.
This is an educational opportunity focused on understanding, compassion and kindness. We will have
various genres of Living Books (people) available for check out. For example, you might check out a
police officer, a Muslim, a person with a disability, a person who has been incarcerated, or a veteran. Sit
in the library with your living book, chat, ask questions and learn about experiences they’ve had. Check
out your living book for 20 minutes and then enjoy refreshments in our meeting room. The Human
Library will be open from 1:00 – 5:00pm on Sunday, March 22. Reserve your living book now by visiting
the circulation desk at the library or calling (618)457-0354.
*This event is part of “11 Days for Compassion” March 21-31. This is a community wide initiative. Go to for a complete schedule of activities.
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