Forsake All and Follow Jesus Luke 14:25-35

Forsake All and Follow Jesus
MESSAGE NOTES 1. The Challenge of Following Jesus • Love everyone else less. • Willingly bear shame and suffer death • Detach yourself from possessions. 2. The Choice of Following Jesus • Count the cost. • Consider the alternatives. Luke 14:25-35
DISCUSSION QUESTIONS Why is it hard to love people who are close to us less than we love Jesus? Bearing our cross (verse 27) means being willing to bear shame. What does it mean in our culture to willingly bear shame for Jesus? Bearing our cross also signifies being willing to suffer physically and die for Jesus. Do you think we will face this in our culture? How can we prepare the next generation of Christians for this possibility? What are some ways we need to detach ourselves from money and possessions in order to follow Jesus? (verse 33) What is the cost of following Jesus? (verse 28) Verses 34-­‐35 teach us that if we don't forsake all to follow Jesus, we will waste our lives. This seems to be a harsh truth. How does it impact you? PRAYER FOCUS Pray for fellow believers in the world who face real persecution because they follow Christ. Pray for a new generation of genuine Christ-­‐followers to rise up from our community.