De-escalation from Children`s Social Care Teams: Flowchart

1.2.9 De-escalation from CSC Locality Teams to Child and Family Single Assessment
(SA) Process
Case reaches the point of closure and on-going support is
deemed necessary at Tier 3
Allocated Social Worker:
 Discusses support at SA level with the parent(s) and /or
young person and gains consent
 Identify Lead Professional at final Core/CIN Group
 If consent is obtained and LP identified SW proceeds to
log SA with Early Intervention Single Assessment Team
(details below)
 Forward SA with consent to appropriate panel
Record in child’s
file on CASS
Early Intervention Panel will:
Confirm new Lead service at meeting if required.
Gives new Lead Service the signed consent form and supporting
If a new Lead Service is identified at panel, the lead service will then log SA
with Early Intervention Single Assessment team:
[email protected]
Fax: 01422 392831 Phone: 01422 393661
Address: EISA Team, Halifax Police Station, Richmond Road, Halifax,
The new Lead Professional will co-ordinate a TAC meeting and
any future ones until all needs have been met
If Consent is withdrawn, new Lead Professional must notify the Early Intervention Panel