Cops for Cancer - Brighton Public School

Brighton PS Cops for Cancer May 8th, 2015
Wednesday, April 8th, 2015
In June 1994, Sergeant Gary Goulet of the Edmonton Police Service met Lyle Jorgenson, a 5-yearold boy who had cancer. Goulet requested the meeting after learning that Lyle was being ridiculed at
school because of his hair loss due to chemotherapy. Goulet was so moved by the boy's story that
he decided to do something. "My head was already shaved, so I asked Lyle to have his picture taken
with me in a police cruiser", Goulet said. Goulet gathered a group of Edmonton officers who were
willing to shave their own heads and they joined the boy in school to show kids that being bald was
April Events to raise money Pediatric Cancer research for our school goal of $2500.00:
Friday April 10th – Crazy Hair Day or Hat Day Bring in your dimes!
Friday April 17th -Dress Up like your favourite character or Super Hero Bring in your quarters!
Friday April 24th –Sports Day Bring in your toonies!
May 1st – Neon Day Bring in your loonies!
May 8th – Yellow Day, THE PEDAL OF HOPE IS HERE! Bring in your spare change!
On May 8th, the Pedal for Hope team will be riding into Brighton Public School. We will be having an
assembly to present our cheque, cut some ponytails and show our Barracuda spirit.
If students are interested in cutting their ponytail and donate it, they are invited to contact the school
or Mrs. Bell to arrange this May 16th. This year, the Pedal for Hope tour is going to attempt to
break the head shaving record of 212 head shaves. This event will happen at the end of the
Pedal for Hope tour that occurs on Saturday May 16th at the Peterborough Airport. Students
are welcome to register for the “World Record Head Shave” with the Canadian Cancer Society
online at: Participants must have a partner accompany them to
shave their head but clippers will be provided.
Pledge sheets are available for any student that would like to raise money for this cause. Please
see Mrs. Bell or the office for pledge forms or you may register for online donations at the following
Or by going to the Canadian Cancer Society and the event: Pedal for Hope in Peterborough 2015.
Let’s meet our goal Barracudas!
If you have any questions our school contact is Mrs. Bell 613-475-2814