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17.00 19.00 08.00 09.00 09.05 09.25 10.05 10.45 11.15 11.15 11.30 11.45 12.00 12.15 12.30 12.45 Programme – Ambience`14&10i3m Sunday 7 September 2014 17.00-­‐20.00 Registration (Holiday Inn Tampere, address: Yliopistonkatu 44) 19.00-­‐21.00 Get-­‐together (Holiday Inn Tampere, address: Yliopistonkatu 44) Monday 8 September 2014 08.00–17.00 Registration & info desk (Tampere Hall, address: Yliopistonkatu 55) 09.00 Opening of the conference (Small Auditorium, Floor 2) Plenaries Chair: Prof. Heikki Mattila Tampere University of Technology Key Note: Hannu Halinen Ambassador, Arctic Affairs, Ministry for Foreign Affairs Opportunities and Challenges of the Arctic Area -­‐ The Arctic Strategy of Finland and EU Key Note: Akseli Reho, CEO of the Finnish wearable sensor pioneer Clothing+ Forgettable Textile-­‐Integrated Sensors Key Note: Hilde Færevik, Research manager SmartWear SINTEF Clothing and Protection in Arctic Environments 10.45-­‐11.15 Coffee break & Exhibition (Floor 2 – Foyer) Parallel Sessions Smart and Functional textiles (Small Auditorium, Floor 2) Clothing physiology (Sonaatti 2, Floor 0) Chair: Dr. Jan Beringer Hohenstein Institut für Textilinnovation gGmbH Chair: Dr. Harriet Meinander Tampere University of Technology 225 Puolakka, Arja; Hakala, Tomi; Vuorela, Timo; Nousiainen, Pertti; Vanhala, 135 Jussila, Kirsi; Rissanen, Sirkka; Tuhkanen, Pertti; Rintamäki, Hannu Jukka Evaluating cold protective clothing of arctic open-­‐pit miners – Thermal New generation smart compression stockings with integrated ICT for superior manikin tests customized performance 103 Hagström, Bengt 182 Annaheim, Simon; Saiani, Fabio; Gruetter, Marc; Psikuta, Agnes; Rossi, Novel temperature regulating bi-­‐component fibers René Prediction of thermo-­‐physiological impact of protective firefighter clothing 120 Wang, Fei; Zhu, Bo; Shu, Lin; Li, Ying; Lai, Xinghua; Ma, Lingchen; Ji, Peijun; 226 Varheenmaa, Minna Zhou, Qing; Tao, Xiaoming Evaluation of thermal comfort properties of prototype uniforms for rescue Smart clothing with built-­‐in soft pressure sensors for in-­‐situ pressure team workers measurement in vehicle collision 157 Heinzel, Tincuta Haptic and sound correlations in textiles 214 Alametsä, Jarmo ; Smolander, Juhani; Vanggaard, Leif; Halder, Amitava; Lundgren, Karin; Gao, Chuansi; Viik, Jari; Kuklane, Kalev Age-­‐related circulatory responses to whole body cooling and warming: observations by ballistocardiographic EMFi sensors 215 Gao, Chuansi Fashion and function – challenges faced by textiles 181 Domina, Tanya; Kinnicutt, Patrick incorporated with phase change materials Thermal evalution: the impact of a customized NTS garment on body armor 175 Bredies, Katharina; Gowrishankar, Ramyah 131 Bauer, Boris; Koch, Stefanie; Mark, A. Interactive knitting patterns as „boundary objects“ in e-­‐textile design Guarded-­‐Hotplate-­‐Measurements for energy transfer balancing Lunch 13.45 Parallel Sessions Smart and Functional textiles (Small Auditorium, Floor 2) Chair: Dr. Bengt Hagström SWEREA IVF 13.45 109 Nilsson, Erik; Hagstöm, Bengt Innovative electrically conductive polymeric bi-­‐
component fibers for heating application 14.00 14.15 14.30 14.45 15.00 15.15 Clothing physiology+Manikins (Sonaatti 2, Floor 0) Chair: Dr. Helena Mäkinen Finnish Institute of Occupational Health 112 De Raeve, Alexandra; Van Ransbeeck, Peter; Cools, Joris; Vandersmissen, Benjamin; Vasile, Simona; Vermeulen, Mathias Towards Virtual Engineering of Clothing Comfort 143 Rundqvist, Karin; Nilsson, Erik; Lund, Anja; Sandsjö, Leif; Hagström, Bengt 128 Beringer, Jan; Harnisch, Martin; Classen, Edith; Schmidt, Andreas Piezoelectric textile fibres in woven constructions Measuring the cooling power of garments using the Hohenstein “Watson” test system 222 Mecnika, Viktorija; Hoerr, Melanie; Schwarz-­‐Pfeiffer, Anne; Breckenfelder, 145 Wang, Faming; Havenith, G; Sotto Mayor, T; Kuklane, K; Léonard, J; Christoph; Krievins, Ivars Zwolinska, M; Hodder, S; Wong, C; Kishino, J; Dai, X Clothing Real Evaporative Resistance Determined by Means of a Sweating Joining technology for smart textiles by technical embroidery Thermal Manikin: a new round-­‐robin study 201 Andersson, Anders-­‐Petter; Cappelen, B. Teaching e-­‐textile and multisensory 158 Wang, Liwen; Dai, Xiaoqun interaction Effect of skin designed for sweating thermal manikin newton on measuring the evaporative resistance of clothing 162 Greinke, Berit; Alomainy, Akram; Robertson, Sara; Parini, Clive G. 141 Redortier, Bernard; Voelcker, Thomas; Jacob, Benjamin Manikin vs Towards meta-­‐textiles with a Negative Refractive Index Human for sports activities 152 Jimenez, Javier; Fatarella, Enrico; Jamier, Vincent 167 Psikuta, Agnes; Hepokoski, Mark; Burke, Rick; Schwenn, Tony; Rossi, Lightweight, flexible and smart protective clothing for law enforcement personnel René A methodology for the validation of thermo-­‐physiology models and (SMARTPRO) adaptive manikins 15.15-­‐15.45 Afternoon tea/coffee & Exhibition (Floor 2 – Foyer) 15.45 Parallel Sessions Design Challenges+3D+Digital (Small Auditorium, Floor 2) Chair: Dr. Clemens Thornqvist The Swedish School of Textiles 15.45 151 Cappelen, Birgitta Designing textile for Sensorial Interaction and health improvement 16.00 223 Harley, Alison (1); Pritchard, Douglas; Jardine, Fiona The digital documentation of the design legacies of Bernat Klein, Textile Designer & Peter Womersley, Architect, in the Scottish Borders. Thermal Manikins and Modelling (Sonaatti 2, Floor 0) Chair: Dr. Faming Wang University of Alberta 213 Kuklane, Kalev Cooled plate tests on textile materials in simulated cockpit under “solar radiation” 176 Hodder, Simon Grenville; Au, Yuhan; Fan, Jintu; Kuklane, Kalev; Loveday, Dennis; Lundgren, Karin; Ouzzahra, Yacine; Havenith, George The development of a Non-­‐Western clothing database 16.15 228 De Mey, Gilbert; Ozcelik, Mert; Schwarz, Anne; Kazani, Ilda; Hertleer, Carla; Van Langenhove, Lieva; Altay, Pelin; Cigdem Gursoy, Nevin Designing of thermal comfortable bed systems 165 Sotto Mayor, Tiago; Couto, Sandra; Psikuta, Agnes; Rossi, René Transport phenomena in clothing wavy microclimates – a numerical study 16.30 174 Congdon, Katherine Amy Developing a hybrid textile practice within the tissue engineering laboratory: design challenges associated with working with living materials 16.45 185 Johnstone, Tonje Kristensen The impact of scale on a block-­‐repeated surface pattern in spatial contexts 169 Martínez, Natividad; Psikuta, Agnieszka; Annaheim, Simon; Corberán, José Miguel; Rossi, René Thermophysiological head simulator 197 Curran, Allen Richard; Peck, Scott Douglas; Hepokoski, Mark Andrew; Burke, Richard Allen Physiological model control of a sweating thermal manikin 17.00 184 Kuusk, Kristi; Niinimäki, Kirsi; S. Wensveen; O.Tomico Smart textile products 186 Hepokoski, Mark Andrew; Curran, Allen Richard; Burke, Richard Allen; and services in sustainability context Rugh, John Palmer; Chaney, Lawrence John; Maranville, Clay Wesley Use of a passive sensor manikin coupled with a thermoregulation model to predict human thermal response to environmental conditions 17.15 Closing Day 1 19.00 19.00-­‐24.00 Conference Dinner (Finlayson Palace, Kuninkaankatu 1) for pre-­‐registered participants 08.00 09.00 09.45 10.30 11.00 11.00 11.15 11.30 11.45 12.00 Tuesday 9 September 2014 08.00-­‐16.30 Registration & info desk (Tampere Hall, address: Yliopistonkatu 55) Plenaries Chair: Prof. Pertti Nousiainen Tampere University of Technology (Small Auditorium, Floor 2) Key Note: Kevin Myette, Director, North America, bluesign technologies ag (former) Board Member of Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) Doing well or looking good? A systems approach to transformative change in product and supply chain sustainability Key Note: Rick Burke, Vice President of Measurement Technology NW Thermal Manikins -­‐ Past, present, future 10.30-­‐11.00 Coffee break & Exhibition (Floor 2 – Foyer) Parallel Sessions Design Challenges+3D+Digital (Small Auditorium, Floor 2) Thermal Manikins and Modelling (Sonaatti 2, Floor 0) Chair: Dr. Marjatta Heikkilä-­‐Rastas University of Lapland Chair: Dr. Emiel DenHartog North Carolina State University 155 Gowrishankar, Ramyah; Bredies, Katharina Investigating interaction design 199 Agapé, Florence; Redortier, Bernard; Voelcker, Thomas Application of a for e-­‐textiles using ‘case-­‐transfer’ thermal manikin with physiological control -­‐ design of "sauna suit" 153 Simoes, Ines A method to develop a manikin for the design of generic 117 Pokorny, Jan; Fiser, Jan; Jicha, Miroslav Newton Manikin Software for mobile clothing Evaluation of Thermal Comfort using ISO 14505-­‐2 192 Toussaint, Lianne; Dongen. van, Pauline Ready to wear? The Possibilities, 118 Nagano, Hideaki; Kobayashi, Yuji; Kawanago, T.; Kohri, Itsuhei; Potential and Pitfalls of 3D printed Fashion Matsunaga, Kazuhiko Prediction of Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient for Ruck and Asperity of Clothing Surface 193 Dumitrescu, Delia; Kooroshnia, Marjan; Landin, Hanna Exploring the 212 Burke, Richard Allen; Blood, Keith Robert relation between time-­‐based textile patterns and digital environments Development of a next-­‐generation thermal manikin with active cooling and dynamic heat flux measurement 173 Storholmen, Tore Christian Bjørsvik; Naesgaard, Ole Petter; Ruø, Ingrid 187 Van Ransbeeck, Peter; Benoot, Robin; Cools, Joris; De Raeve, Alexandra; Lothe Design of a new hip protector for elderly van Der Smissen, Benjamin; Vasile, Simona; Vermeulen, Mathias Virtual modelling of a clothed thermal manikin in an MCAD system 12.15 133 Adler, Françoise; Weber Marin, Andrea; Poldner, C. Kim 116 DenHartog, Emiel A.; Deaton, A. Shawn Physiological Manikin Evaluation Giving color back its materiality: 3d color application on textiles of Wildland Fire Fighter Clothing 12.30 12.30-­‐13.30 Lunch & Exhibition (Floor 2 – Foyer and Restaurant Fuuga) 13.30 Parallel Sessions 3D+Digital + Ecological and Conscious consumption (Small Auditorium, Fl. 2) Wearing Comfort and Well-­‐being (Sonaatti 2, Floor 0) Chair: Dr. Hein Daanen AMFI -­‐ Amsterdam Fashion Institute Chair: Dr. Hilde Faerevik SINTEF 13.30 123 Daanen, Hein A.M.; Woering, Arend; Ter Haar, Frank; Kuijpers, Sandra; 183 Voelcker, Thomas Prediction of thermal comfort range of gloves in regard Haker, Jacqui; Reulink, Henk Optimization of military garment fit of individual thermal sensations 13.45 124 Beringer, Jan; Klepser, Anke; Harnisch, Martin; Morlock, Simone; Schenk, 216 Mäkinen, Helena Need for standards for intelligent protective clothing Andreas; Schmidt, Andreas Utilizing 3D scan data to improve fit, comfort and function of ppe 14.00 196 Martins, Adriana Pacheco; Pal, Rudrajeet; Torstensson, Håkan Advanced 107 Ferri, Ada; Dotti, Francesca; Cravello, Barbara; Contini, M.; Mantegazza, computing techniques: new tools for fast fashion sales forecasting V.; Agostoni, P. Thermophysiological comfort of Far infrared emitting garments 14.15 190 Grau, Nuria; Lacharmoise, P; Garcia, Virginia; Cot, Marta; Torrent, Marc 129 Kang, Inhyeng; Lee, Han Sup Wear comfort evaluation of outdoor jackets Ergonomic design of multiprotective clothing for emergency rescue teams using a movable sweating thermal manikin 14.30 229 Atakan, Raziye; Karakaş, Hale The performance of needlepunched 163 Harnisch, Martin; Classen, Edith; Hachen, J.; Klepser, A.; Schenk, A.; automotive carpets made from recycled poly(ethylene terepthalate) fibers Beringer, J.; Schmidt, A. Effect of stretch on sweat management and skin sensorial properties of sports textiles 14.45 218 Ma, Yibo; Määttänen, Marjo; Särkilahti, Airi; Harlin, Ali; Hummel, Michael; 144 Yang, Xu-­‐Hong; Liu, Ya-­‐Fang; Tang, Ren-­‐Cheng Study on the Wet Friction Sixta, Herbert Textile fibers from recycled materials Performance of Knitted Fabrics 15.00 15.00-­‐15.30 Afternoon tea/coffee & Exhibition (Floor 2 – Foyer) 15.30 Parallel Sessions Ecological and Conscious consumption (Small Auditorium, Floor 2) Wearing Comfort and Well-­‐being (Sonaatti 2, Floor 0) Chair: Dr. Marja Rissanen, Tampere University of Technology Chair: Dr. Kalev Kuklane Lund University 15.30 136 Fatarella, Enrico; Parisi, L.; Varheenmaa, Minna; Talvenmaa, Paivi; Pavlidou, 114 Lindqvist, Rickard; Thornquist, Clemens Enhanced construction Silvia Life cycle assessment on Personal Protective Equipments technology for ergonomic clothing: a new approximation of the body and system for garment construction 15.45 224 Kamppuri, Taina; Vehviläinen, Marianna; Grönqvist, S.; Rissanen, Marja 170 Gilewicz, Paulina; Cichocka, Agnieszka; Frydrych, Iwona Evaluation of Novel regenerated cellulose fibers with high water absorption properties thermal insulation of fabrics for protective clothing against the high temperature 16.00 202 Abdyramanova, Jibek; Torstensson, Håkan Resilience in transitional 139 Kosnar, Petr; van der Zwaluw, Carmen; Kalinauskaite, Indre; Potuzakova, economies: A case study of the textile cluster in the Kyrgyz Republic Dominika; Wu, Derek; Tomico, Oscar VIBE-­‐ING 2.0: a smart textile tool for healthcare and well-­‐being 16.15 168 Räisänen, Riikka Wardrobe inventory – a way to increase consciousness of 180 Hernández, Niina Z S; Mattila, Heikki; Berglin, Lena Garment fit by textile consumption numbers: statistical identification of a garment's missfit 16.30 Closing of the conference POSTERS (Park Foyer 2) 227 Altay, Pelin et al. Design of chamelon like photochromic cotton woven fabric 210 Bosowski, Patrycja et al. Clothing physiological tests with an intelligent luminous cycling jacket 150 Cappelen, Birgitta et al. Towards component based smart textile design -­‐ elements and layers of textile, technology, value and meaning 101 Chavarro, Sandra et al. Signel: electroluminescent signaling glove for urban cycling 195 Cichocka, Agnieszka et al. Effectiveness of 3D CAD and scanner device in approval process of clothes draping 178 Classen, Edith et al. Investigation of the connection of the thermal insulation and the fit of cold protective clothing with standing and moving manikins 138 DenHartog, Emiel A. et al. Effects of clothing discomfort on task performance 127 Drašarová, Jana et al. Nanovariance 203 Eryuruk, Selin Hanife et al. Evaluation of the comfort properties of firefighter’s clothing 132 Fišer, Jan et al. Impact of convective plume around human body on Teq measured by equivalent temperature sensors 121 Frydrych, Iwona et al. Thermoinsulation properties of jackets 104 Fukazawa, Takako et al. Thermal resistance of clothing and ensembles for infant measured using a baby thermal manikin 119 Knizek, Roman et al. Creation and development of universal outer clothing for the city and sports with an emphasis on maintaining comfort properties 219 Kuklane, Kalev et al. Comparison of thermal hand models and measurement systems 159 Léonard, Jean et al. Measurement of global insulation with a thermal manikin and a simple thermo-­‐physiological model 126 Louda, Ondřej et al. Rejuvenate of European craft – patterning of textiles 164 Lundgren, Karin et al. Clothing insulation and thermal comfort in Africa: current standards and applicability. 111 Meinander, Harriet et al. Marking of thermoregulatory properties of clothing materials 230 Mihailiasa, Manuela et al. Study on transdermal release from functionalized cotton fabrics with caffeine-­‐polycaprolactone nanocapsules 125 Nowak, Iwona et al. Production of textile antenna by depositing of electroconductive inks using ink-­‐jet printing 154 Rissanen, Sirkka et al. Variations of local dry heat loss during work in arctic open-­‐pit mine 166 Sotto Mayor, Tiago et al. Numerical analysis on the thermal performance of an electrically heated bedding product 142 Yang, XuHong et al. Ultraviolet protection finishing of silk/poly(lactic acid) blend fabric 134 Tomovic, Tina et al. Light and shadow: industrial integration of electronics into textiles 100 Varheenmaa, Minna et al. A new generation sweating thermal manikin for the evaluation of the thermoregulation properties of protective clothing 146 Wan, Xianfu et al. Localised clothing thermal insulation determined on a ‘Newton’ thermal manikin: effects of air velocity and walking speed 147 Wang, Faming et al. Performance assessment of a novel body mapping sportswear (BMS) kit in a warm dry environmental condition: a human trial study EXHIBITION Floor 2 – Foyer