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July 2015
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Staff News
There have been changes in the treatment room in the last
couple of months. Sister Kate Pouncey has left Brannam
Medical Centre after 18 years. A number of patients will recall
seeing her on a Wednesday morning or attending her diabetic
clinic. Kate continues as School Nurse at West Buckland and
working on the family farm.
Our lead diabetic Nurse Sandy Norman has reduced her
hours so is now working Wednesday
afternoon, Thursday and Friday. For other
diabetic queries on other days we have
Amelia Baker, who previously worked on
the community team. Lesley Calcutt joined
the team this year, moving from a management role in the community back to hands
on patient care.
We are trying to appoint another senior practice nurse to
complete the team but have not yet managed to recruit
anyone. Unfortunately, this has meant that some of our
patients are having to wait longer than we would like for
appointments with our nurses in chronic disease clinics. We
have not been able to cover clinics when our senior nurses
were on holiday or absent due to serious family illness.
We have also had some changes in the reception team.
Annette Wilkins has stood down as Reception Manager after
7 years. She will continue as personal receptionist to Dr
Taylor. Rebecca Prosser has taken on this role and is in
charge of the day to day running of reception. She is
supported by Susie Wheaton who has the unenviable task of
sorting the doctors rotas.
Kelle Watts, who completed her Medical Receptionist
apprentice course in the spring will be leaving us in September
to take up a place at the University of the West of England to
do midwifery, whilst Becky Goulding who started with us as
an office apprentice in 2012 has been accepted to do a
Foundation Degree in Business and Administration. Billie-Jo
Isaac will be joining us shortly as our new Medical Reception
Prescriptions will now be sent to your nominated pharmacy
electronically (EPS) instead of having your paper copy. This
will not affect the way you collect your medication or how it
is delivered to you. If you would like to OPT OUT of this
change, please contact the surgery.
This year at Brannam Medical
Centre we have been supporting
two charities, North Devon Free
Wheelers, a volunteer service
which undertakes to deliver urgently needed bloods, drugs, transplant
tissues and other medical requirements between hospitals and blood
transfusion banks. This is done by
volunteers riding their own motorbikes between 5pm and 6am
Mon–Fri and 24hrs during weekends and Bank Holidays.
Our second Charity was ‘Send
a Cow’. A charity that sends
Local Training Officers to
countries across Africa to help
needy communities with training
in sustainable organic farming
and animal husbandry. These
communities are provided with training and livestock and
are then encouraged to pass on their skills to others in
their community.
The charity committee would like to thank you for all your
support during last year and hope that this will continue in
the next year. If you would like any further information
regarding our adopted charities please ask at reception.
From January 5 2015, all GP practices in England are free
to register new patients who live outside their practice
boundary area. This means that you are able to register
with practices in more convenient locations, such as a
practice near your work or closer to your children’s
schools. This will provide you with greater choice and aims
to improve the quality of access to GP services. The
practice will decide, following a review of your completed
registration form, whether to accept you as a regular
patient or accept you without home visiting duties (if it is
clinically appropriate and practical for you to be registered
away from home). For more information, visit NHS
Choices to see what practices are accepting out of area
We are now taking bookings for flu clinics. If you think you are eligible and would like to make an appointment, please
contact reception.
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The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the independent regulator of health and social
care in England. We had our CQC inspection on 18th November 2014 and the report
was published on 9th April 2015. Our report was very positive. Thank you for all your
support and to all our staff for their hard work.
‘Our key findings were as follows: Patients said they were treated with compassion,
dignity and respect and they were involved in their care and decisions about their
treatment. Information was provided to help patients understand the care available to
To see the report please visit
JUNE 2015
Thank you to all our patients who are completing our friends
and family cards. Your response is really appreciated to see
how we can make your experience to the Doctors better.
Below are the latest results that we have for May and June.
Friends and Family Test
We would like your feedback on the care or treatment
we give you any time you visit your GP or have contact
with the Practice. Tell us what is working and what we
can improve. You can say what you think without giving
your name and we will use the information to plan
improvements to our services. To give your feedback,
pick up a form from Reception or visit NHS choices. For
more information on the Friends and Family test or to
leave a review visit
Extremely Likely
Neither likely nor
Don’t know
From the results of the Friends and Family test, we are
looking at how long patients are waiting for appointments
and how we can improve this to make your visit more
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Unfortunately, we are unable to send out unused
medication to Africa. We can still accept unused
dressings and equipment. If you have any unused
medication, please take it to a pharmacy for
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What are we trying to achieve?
Many people think that their GP health record is available to all healthcare professionals involved in their care, but this is
not always the case. At the moment, each professional you see keeps a separate record, This can mean some important
information not being communicated between health services as well as it could be. To help, New Devon CCG are
launching a local shared record programme that will make it possible for health professionals to view relevant
information about you.
How will a shared record help?
A shared record means that:
 Your healthcare professionals have the most up to date and accurate information about your health, medications and
 You get better advice and safer and more effective care
 Mistakes are avoided
 You will not have to repeat your medical history so often
What information will be shared?
The information shared includes your name. address and date of birth and a summary of your health information
Diagnoses and test results
Any allergies you might have
Medications & Treatments you receive
How will it work?
At the start of your treatment, you will be asked for your permission to view your shared record. If you agree, then the
health professional will only be able to view the record whilst you are being treated.
Can I say no?
You can choose not to share any information with anybody outside your GP surgery. Speak to your GP’s receptionist if
you wish to opt out.
Who will be able to see my record?
Only health professionals you give permission to and who are directly involved in your care will be able to view the
shared record. This may include staff from:
Out of hours GPs
Ambulance Services
Local hospitals
How will you keep my information safe?
All your information is stored using the most secure technology available and is covered by strict confidentiality
guidelines and the Data Protection Act 1998. For security the shared record is accessed via a secure NHS network, not
the internet. For more information email us on: [email protected]
This practice is part of the local shared care record initiative.
Did you know … a summary of the information displayed on the screens and posters at the surgery is now available.
Download a copy from the Latest News page of our website
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