This is a 2 day workshop in 3 Dimensional Fabric... of Everything Country, Telegraph Point.

3 Dimensional Fabric Flowers
This is a 2 day workshop in 3 Dimensional Fabric Flower making being conducted by Debbie Donegan
of Everything Country, Telegraph Point.
On the first day you’ll learn how to create some gorgeous samples of a number of different 3 dimensional
fabric flowers, and then on the second day you’ll get to choose a specific project to work on which focuses
on the use of these beautiful fabric flowers.
Choice 1 features a unique combination of
Fabric folding, hand stitching and beading
made into a gorgeous Brooch. This is the
perfect way to be able to wear your favourite
fabric, or made as a great gift for a friend.
Pattern cost is $13
Choice 2 sees the beautiful Waterlily flower
being made into a compact little Needle Keep
for holding your sewing essentials. The project
includes a small amount of machine sewing and
some gorgeous embroidery inside it.
Pattern cost is $16.50
Choice 3 is a larger project that can be started
on to showcase some of your newly learnt 3D fabric
flower skills. We’ll use the original pattern as a
starting point, however each student will be
encouraged (and helped) to make it uniquely their
own. End result could be a Pillow Sham, a
tablerunner, or a beautiful bed-runner.
The choice is yours.
Some samples as per the photos below.
Take a peek inside and you’ll discover a pair of
embroidered dragonflies that are sure to delight,
and a place to store your needlework essentials…
Pattern cost is $15