From Population Genetics to Ecological Genomics in Birds 洪志銘博士

From Population Genetics to
Ecological Genomics in Birds
Dr. Chih-Ming Hung
Postdoctoral Associate
Department of Life Science
National Taiwan Normal University
Time: 2015. 04. 13 Mon. 15:30
Venue: Auditorium, 1st Floor
Interdisciplinary Research Building
跨領域科技研究大樓1 樓演講廳
Host: Dr. Sheng-Feng Shen 沈聖峰助研究員
Over the past few decades a succession of
increasingly sophisticated molecular techniques has
been used in evolutionary biology. The questions,
however, have changed relatively little. How do species
adapt genetically to new or changing environments?
Do these genetic changes influence the speciation
process? How many and which genes play roles in
adaptation and speciation? Today, genome-wide data
allow scientists to establish the links between genotypes,
phenotypes and ecological interactions—a long-term
knowledge gap in evolutionary biology—and help to
answer these questions. In this talk, I will present my
past and future research programs trending from
population genetics toward ecological genomics in
understanding avian biology. I will first present a study
distinguishing the confounding effects of natural
selection from population bottlenecks on the genetic
variation of two sister passerines. Second, I will discuss
a project applying population genomic analysis to
ancient DNA combined with ecological modeling to
explore the extinction history of the passenger pigeon.
I will end by presenting preliminary results from my
ongoing research on the genomic basis of avian
phenotypic convergence, and discussing my future
work on the genomic mechanism of high-altitudinal
adaptation of birds.