Indie developer Big Cake Games release `Cold Horizon` trailer and

April 14th 2015
Indie developer Big Cake Games release ‘Cold Horizon’ trailer
and launches website
Indie studio Big Cake Games (the team behind the proposed Metal Gear remake) bring you their first original IP, Cold Horizon.
Having recently announced Cold Horizon, Big Cake Games have now released a trailer (
which gives you a first look at the unique visuals and a preview of the epic soundtrack.
Directed and produced by Sheraz Ali and written by Ray Willmott, Cold Horizon is a story about a
fateful partnership between a polar bear and a child who come together through tragic circumstances
to survive against all odds. Set in the barren wastelands of a post-apocalyptic Earth, you play as the
polar bear whilst simultaneously being able to use the child’s mysterious gift in specific gameplay
With stunning visuals by a talented group of artists including Sheraz Ali (Lead Artist) and Elwira
Kolber (Environment Artist), a captivating original score by composers Alex Burnett and Christian
Brehm and a story that will capture your imagination, this is a game that is crying out to be made.
Big Cake Games is proud to announce that they have signed a deal with Indiegogo after
the global crowdfunding company expressed interest in supporting the release of Cold
Horizon. With this new deal and your help, Big Cake Games are hoping to secure the funds
necessary to develop this exciting and unique game. Indiegogo will be working closely with Big Cake
Games to help bring Cold Horizon to a much wider audience and are currently in the planning stages
of a campaign which will go live in the coming weeks.
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Cold Horizon is currently being developed with the Unity game engine and is scheduled for release
later this year (2015). For more information, check out for the latest
news and previews of the games artwork. These will be consistently updated every other Tuesday
throughout the development process.
The studio is currently seeking Unity experienced programmers to work on the project. If
you are interested, contact [email protected] for information on how to apply.
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