- Bell Haven Park & Resort

Thanks to all of the volunteers, they continue to collect
the beer and liquor bottles that are left for recycling.
Please separate them by leaving them in a separate bag
or box, or place them in designated area in the boxes.
The bottles are stored in the shed until a volunteer
returns them for the refund. These funds will be used
by committee for a variety of park activities. All these
jobs help to keep down the cost of in-park activities.
Contests Galore
The ‘Bell Haven Beautiful’ award will be judged by the
Bobcaygeon Horticulture Society during the week of
July 6th and the winner will be determined by July
13th. The winner of this award is determined by use
consideration- not by the size and age of the trailer.
Activities? You Bet!
It’s just a few weeks away from May 08th and we’ve
switched into high gear, working hard towards an
outstanding season! Hope everyone enjoyed their
winter with family and friends. Our daughter had a
wonderful Baby boy in late fall. We enjoyed our grand
kid #7 very much. Now we are putting everything
together to have the best season yet, at Bell Haven
Very sad news to report.
Two of our Respectable members:
Joe Brown and Dennis Hughes
Passed away this winter.
Our warmest regards and condolences go out to both
families. We will all miss them sorely..
Many thanks to committee & special event organizers,
and all volunteers who helped out, and ran the
activities & events from last summer. Thank you for
your committed voluntary effort.
Together with the committee we set major planned
events are tentatively set for the following dates:
Sat.June 13th - Sancastle Bilding – 10am –Will be on
the beach.
Grait fun for all family!
Sat. July 04th - Yard Sale – 10am - Tables are allowed
for park members only.
Sat. July 29th - Movie Night – 8:30 pm - rec hall
Sat. July 12th - Bike decorating contest.
Week of July 6th – 13th – Bell Haven Beautiful
Sat. July 18th - Golf Social - Please sign up for this in
the office. Well organize event.
BINGO, Beer/Liquor Bottles, and Other
Sat. July 25th -Tie Dye Day.
BINGO and other activities will be held every Saturday
night at 7:00 PM in the Rec Hall starting on Saturday
Sat. August 1th - Family Fun Day – Best event of the
Year! So much fun for the entire family to enjoy! Please
contact us with ideas and to help – all hands on deck!
May 16nd.
Sat. August 15th – Bocce Ball Tournament – Please
sign up for this in the office.
Sat. August 22nd – Bell Haven’s Never –to Soon
Sat. September 05th
Sat. September 1st – DJ in the park + Fireworks – A
Grand Show!
Sun. September 2nd - Corn Roast - Great experience
with all of our members to enjoy!
Sat. September 21st – Annual Turkey Dinner.
Followed by the Dance.
Additional activities scheduled for the season will be
posted in the office, the activities bulletin board and in
the laundry room. Those activities will be: Karaoke,
Movie night and Mario Kart Racing Tournament,
Casino Night, Volleyball tournament, Happy Days
Dance, and more! Volunteers are welcome!
All games will be held every Saturday night in the Rec
Hall starting May 18th. Proceeds will be used by the
committee for a variety of park activities. The
committee administers this fund on your behalf.
Park Beautiful
We are looking for volunteers to help us with planting
and gardening of our flower beds around the park to
make our park gorgeous! Any volunteers with great
ideas are welcome- please come to the office!
Spider Spraying
We will intent to have our spider spraying held on June
11th. Once the park opens please let us know whether
or not you would like to have your trailer sprayed.
Trailer owners can pre pay at the office for this service
and the cost we will try to negotiate with the companyso it’s will be the same.
Privacy Information Act
We have been advised by the legal minds of the OPCA
that we shall no longer give out names, addresses,
phone numbers or even site numbers to anyone
including your visitors unless we have explicit written
authorization from you to do so. We have forms in the
office for you to sign if you wish to provide such
Park Maintenance
The majority of our members have done a tremendous
job at cutting, weeding, trimming and landscaping your
lots. To this we give the highest regards. However there
are a number of sites which spoil this large amount of
effort. Allowing the grass to grow high along with all
kinds of clutter around the site (toys and fire wood
etcetera) is not going to be tolerable. Maintenance
personal will go through the park and if a site is
deemed to be messy and unacceptable to park
standards it will be cleaned up, cut, trimmed and a fee
charged to the site owner will be issued.
There are several trailers that are not skirted and it
makes a big impact to the overall appearance of the
street. If you are unable to do this type of work please
contact us and we will make arrangements for you.
Please be advice that any changes on the sites (deck,
Florida room or any add. room, sheds, interlock, trees,
est.) must be approved by the management, and
Township of Trent Lake – if require.
All boats have to be registered with the office and have
a sticker with the site number before you launch the
boat in the water. All boats that do not have a sticker
will be removed from the park. Please visit us at the
office for your sticker!
All boats and boat trailers must be marked with the
site number of their respective owners. Unmarked
boats and boat trailers are not welcome in the park,
and will be removed from the park at the owner’s
Please remember that the gate will not be open for
vehicles, no hydro will be available, and no overnight
stays are allowed before the official opening day on May
08th. Fees must be paid on or before Saturday May
11th. Otherwise, a late payment charge will apply.
Access to the site will be denied if payment is not
arranged by this date.
To all of our returning and new members:
We are looking forward to a sun-filled 2015season at
Bell Haven! Hope that everyone will have lots of time to
enjoy your home away from home!
With warmest regards,
Your hosts,
Alex and Lana