Modeling of faulty transients in high voltage power systems

Title: Modeling of faulty transients in high voltage power systems
Academic Promotor: Jean-Claude Maun
Supervisor: Xavier Bustamante
Context of the work:
This master thesis falls within the scope of a project studying travelling waves fault locator. This type
of fault locator aims at finding the location of a fault based on the propagation of the transients
generated at the point of fault (travelling waves).
Description of the work:
The objective of the work is to propose a model for different types of faulty transient occurring on
the power system (such as a lightning surge). It will start with a literature review, and will partly be
based on high frequency measurements made on the power system.
The models will in a second step include the propagation of those transients inside the power system
(based on simulation tools and simulation files provided) and the arrival in the substations, including
the effect of the measurement transformers (and other measurement tools) on the travelling waves.
Healthy transients (e.g. lightning surge not causing a fault, transient recovery voltage) can also be
compared to the faulty transients.