Build the Future – sci-fi/futuristic technology
Questions: 1) Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Chris Hadfield, and Sally Ride are all famous: a. Astronauts b. Chefs c. Movie Stars 2) The MakerBot is a: a. Super‐duper robot that makes cupcakes b. 3D Printer c. Pasta maker 3) Which planets in the solar system have rings? a. Earth and Mars b. Mercury and Venus c. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune Build Your Story – biography, journals etc
Questions: 1) When someone writes a story about their own life, it is called: a. An autobiography b. An atlas c. Poetry 2) Anne Frank wrote her diary during which decade? (Hint: She wrote it during World War II) a. 1910s b. 1940s c. 1980s 3) Who first tells Greg to write a journal in Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney? a. His brothers, Roderick and Manny b. His best friend, Rowley c. His mother Build it Yourself – crafts, DIY
Questions: 1) DIY stands for: a. Drawing icky yaks b. Do it yourself! c. Dogs insistently yapping 2) “Knit one, purl one” are instructions for: a. The ribbing stitch in knitting b. Removing a pearl from an oyster c. Dancing the Tango 3) To make an origami crane you need the following supplies: a. Glue, Scissors, and paper b. A computer and a robot c. Just paper! Built to Last – architecture/structures
Questions: 1) The tallest building in the world is: a. The CN Tower in Toronto b. Burj Khalifa in Dubai c. The Empire State Building in New York 2) How did the Eiffel Tower get its name? a. It was named after the engineer Alexandre Gustave Eiffel b. It was named after Arch Duke Geoffrey Eiffel IV c. It was named after the band Eiffel65 3) Who is Frank Lloyd Wright? a. The inventor of the Pogo Stick b. The King of Spain c. A famous American architect Build Your Imagination – fantasy/animation etc
Questions: 1) What was the CGI animation company, Pixar’s, first movie? a. Frozen b. Finding Nemo c. Toy Story 2) Leonardo da Vinci is one of the most imaginative artists and inventors of all time. What era did he live in? a. The Renaissance b. The Dark Ages c. Ancient Rome 3) What famous physicist said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge” (Hint: He is known for the equation “E=mc2”)? a. Sir John A. MacDonald b. Galileo c. Albert Einstein Build for Fun – games, puzzles, LEGO etc.
Questions: 1) What has a face and two hands but no arms or legs? a. A penny b. A clock c. A chair 2) Which of these is not an original Monopoly player piece? a. A top hat b. A wheelbarrow c. A parrot 3) Minecraft has four game modes. What are they? a. survival, creative, adventure, and spectator mode b. terrified, happy, sad, and crazy mode c. hungry, eating, full, and hungry again mode Build a Mystery – mystery and horror
Questions: 1) Sherlock Holmes is a: a. Famous literary detective b. Brilliant ballet dancer c. Cool time traveler 2) Dracula lived in which country? a. Russia b. Portugal c. Transylvania 3) Arachnophobia is the fear of what: a. Flying! b. Heights! c. Spiders! Answer Sheet can be found here: