Living Tree Brochure

Living Trees
for the
Scenic Byway Wayside Exhibit
Bath Township’s “Living Tree” program
offers you a special way of establishing a natural
remembrance of someone close to your heart or
to commemorate a special event in your life, by
planting a live tree on township property. A permanent dedication, a commemorative brass leaf
plaque, will also be placed on the bronze “Living
Tree” located in the Trustees Meeting Room at
the Bath Township Center building.
This brochure and choice of trees are specifically for the Heritage Corridors of Bath, an Ohio
Scenic Byway, Wayside Exhibit, located just north
of Ghent on Cleveland-Massillon Road. This
barren piece of property will be transformed into
an information center with a pavilion and picnic
area. Visitors can enjoy a peaceful setting to relax
or enjoy a picnic along the North Fork of Yellow
There are seven trees from which to choose
– Red Cedar, Eastern Redbud, Fringe Tree, Sugar
Maple, Green Hawthorn, Eastern White Pine,
and Pin Oak. All were chosen due to their unique
characteristics of flowers, fruit, bark texture and
fall foliage. These trees have a tolerance to pests,
stress, disease, and moist soil. They are also resistant to deer and are indigenous to Ohio.
The cost for a “Living Tree” is $200 per tree.
This cost includes the tree of your choice, installation of the tree, proper care and maintenance, one
brass leaf plaque, and the engraving on the brass
All trees will be planted in the fall of each
year. Please write your first and second choice.
(The reason for two choices is that the number of
each species is limited. Your first choice may have
been filled.)
The Living Tree is located in the
Trustees’ Meeting Room
in the lower level of the
Bath Township Center building.
For a choice of trees to be planted on another
Bath property, visit > Parks Page.
Bath Township properties are:
Bath Baseball Park
4600 Everett Road
Bath Community Activity Center
1615 N. Cleveland-Massillon Road
Bath Hill Park
763 North Revere Road
Bath Nature Preserve
4160 Ira Road
Bath Township Center
3864 W. Bath Road
Bath Township
Wayside Exhibit
Sugar Maple
White Pine
Red Cedar
Pin Oak
Please make checks payable to: Bath Township
Living Tree
PO Box 1188
Bath, Ohio 44210
Donation is from:
Name: ___________________________________________ Email: ______________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________ Phone: _____________________________
City/ State: _________________________________________ Zip: _____________
Tree Selection: 1st choice _______________________________ 2nd choice _________________________________
In Memory of
In Honor of
In Recognition of
_____________________________________________ (As it should appear on the brass plaque)
Fringe Tree