Vol. 2014-15 No. 08
April 2015
Dear Parents and Guardians,
Happy April! Spring is starting to appear and with hope we will begin to see some warmer weather and with
that more green!
Congratulations to our boys and girls basketball teams on their excellent efforts and many thanks go to Ms.
Vanderschoor, Mr. Kyte, Mr. Sunderland, Ms. Strathy and Ms. April Jordan for their time dedicated to
supporting our students. We would like to recognize Macey B. and Allison G.** for their participation in the All
Star game – way to go Bath Knights!
Un grand merci to all of the friends and family who attended the French performances put on by our primary
students, we appreciate your support of our French program. Merci to Mme. Dittburner and her students for all
of their hard work in preparing students for their French plays – fantastic performances by some of our newest
FSL learners – bravo!!
With the return of warmer weather, students will soon begin to train for the annual Road Races that are held
within the District. This is such a great opportunity to get some physical activity after a long winter with lots of
indoor time.
As soon as our field dries up, we will be looking forward to working on the various track and field events that
we will showcase at our school Track and Field Meet (more info to come). This is a wonderful time for
parents to come and cheer their children and their children’s friends on in the many events for our grades 3 to
8 students.
Our tireless School Advisory Council is hosting another Bingo & Games’ Night here on Wednesday, April 8th
from 6 to 7:30. SAC provides us with free games to play, door prizes, and the school is also running our
Book Fair. We hope you have time to join us for the evening. Thank-you to SAC for hosting such a wellattended Children’s Thrift Sale this past month, we appreciate your endless support!
Thank-you for your continued support and as always please give us a call if you have any questions or
Brigid Steele
April Bell-Asselstine
247 Church St.
Bath, ON KOH 1GO
(613) 352-7543
Twitter: @BathPS_LDSB
2 | Bath PS Newsletter April 2015
Grade 8 Parents/Guardians:
Grade 8 Graduation will be held on Tuesday June 23,
Grade 7 Parents/Guardians:
Remember there will be a form going home about
providing snacks for the Graduation night.
LATE students MUST be signed in by the adult dropping
them off.
Please do not drop them off in the parking lot or the front
sidewalk and send them in, we require that you sign them
in for their safety and our records. Thanks for your help in
our safe arrival for all students.
Please tell your child if you order pizza for them, as
some are saying they shouldn’t be getting it – when you
did order for them.
DEADLINE for hot lunch orders is Tuesday at 1:25 for
that same week Friday. We can’t accept late orders, it is
a huge amount of work and we really need your help with
respecting the time our volunteers give to organizing this.
Our next monthly SAC meeting will be held on
Wednesday, April 8th after games night. Please consider
joining us in the library. Babysitting is provided, free of
Little Caesars order forms have been sent home and will
be due April 20th.
For students whose parents do not live together, we are
willing to send home two copies of newsletters, notices,
mailouts, etc. in order for both parents to stay informed
about their child’s education. If you wish us to do this,
please contact the school office to let us know.
Children who turn 4 years old before
December 31, 2015 are eligible for
Junior Kindergarten this coming
September (5 years old for Senior
If you have a child who is
Kindergarten age, or know of someone else in our area
who does, please call the school office (352-7543) for a
registration package!
We have some students with severe allergic
reactions to all kinds of nuts (not just peanuts),
and other products. Because of the nature of
nut allergies that are potentially life
threatening, we ask that: NO NUT
AT SCHOOL. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
Don’t forget to place your cheese order each month from
the school and help earn activity money for our students!
April order forms have been sent home. Please send the
order form back to the school by Wednesday, April 8th.
Cheese orders will be delivered on Wednesday,
April 15th. The orders will be sent home with your student
unless the order is too large, then we would ask that
someone come to the school that day to pick the order up.
Thanks for your help and support with this monthly
PLEASE DON’T FORGET!! If your child is going to be
absent from school, we require a telephone call from
the parent/guardian before the start of each school
day OR a note to the teacher on the previous day (in the
case of a planned absence). If your child is absent and we
have not been informed, according to the Board’s Safe
School Policy, it is then necessary for us to ensure your
child’s safety by contacting you at your home or
workplace. If you are not available, we then call your
emergency contacts. This is one reason why it is
necessary for us to have up-to-date emergency
Kindly call ahead – our answering machine is on 24
hours a day.
3 | Bath PS Newsletter April 2015
The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to our school!
What better way to promote reading to our
students than by supporting this important literary
event. The hours of the book fair are as follows:
April 2
Preview day for classes
April 7
9:10am – 3:00pm
April 8
9:10am – 3:00pm
6:00pm – 7:30pm
(during Games Night)
April 9
9:10am – 3:00pm
April 10
9:10am – 11:30am
We invite your entire family to participate by
purchasing the latest and greatest in children’s
books. Did you know that for every $10 you spend
at the Fair up to $6 comes directly back to our
school? Your support of this vital literary event is
key in helping us obtain new books and resources
for our library and classrooms.
Upcoming Dates to
April 2015
SAC Parent Information Session
Time Management
**more info to come**
April 8
Book Fair & Games Night
SAC Meeting – after games night
April 16
2nd Nutrition Break
Team & Club photos for Yearbook
You’ll find hundreds of quality books at our Book
Fair with a wide assortment for all reading levels.
April 20
Dental Screening
JK/SK & Grade 2
Don’t forget to bring in your special Family
Event Draw ballot during our Family Event on
Games’ Night. You could win $50 in books $25 for your family PLUS $25 for your child’s
Gould Lake Trip
Grade 2/3, 5 & 7
Don’t forget to mark the Book Fair dates on your
calendar! We look forward to seeing you during
our Scholastic Book Fair and thank you, in
advance, for supporting this great literary
fundraiser. Mostly, thank you for believing in
books and the importance reading has on your
child’s future.
April 23 & 30
Swim to Survive – Grade 3
Yearbooks are
still available!
$20 each
Please bring orders to the office as soon as you can!
4 | Bath PS Newsletter April 2015
Bingo and
Games’ Night!
Wednesday, April 8th
6:00pm until 7:30pm
Bring your family and your favourite board game and join us in the gym for Games’ Night!
Lots of fun to be had playing games and socializing with others!
We are looking for donations of baked goods for our Bingo winners! (No nuts please)
If you are able to donate, please bring your delicious treats with you to Games Night.
The Book Fair will be open until 7:30pm.
Count Me In!
Adults’ attitudes about math affect
children’s confidence and success with math learning.
Help children become excited and eager to learn about
math. Turn everyday activities at home into fun math
Children discover:
 patterns and relationships through sorting laundry,
cutlery or groceries
 numbers and sequencing skills through card games,
and board games like Snakes and Ladders
 geometry when playing I Spy games to spot shapes in
traffic signs, doorways, windows, and rooflines
 estimation and quantity by guessing how many steps
it will take from the car to the front door, or how
many dog food kibbles will fit into a pet’s dish
 measurement by using shoes or mittens as rulers to
calculate the height of people or tables, or the length
of stuffed animals or counters.
Ontario Early Literacy Specialists
Ontario Early Literacy Specialists
On Friday March 27, Bath PS
participated in Earth Hour. We
turned off lights, powered down
some devices and saved 32 kilo-watt
hours! That could – power 2462
CFL (13 watt) light bulbs for one
hour, save 10kg of CO2 emissions or
power a laptop for 711 hours.
Thanks for being green Bath