You`ve Been Drafted, Now What?

You’ve Been
Drafted –
Now What?
Teacher’s Job Description
General Description of the Role
The Sunday School Teacher is responsible for the preparation and
delivery of an approved curriculum to students of a specific
Specific Duties
To teach the word of God
To implement ways to increase class attendance
To make recommendations to whomever you report to for improvements
To attend or actively participate in a Bible Study
To attend meetings (if required by your church)
To contact students
To employ good classroom management procedures
To gear lessons towards the students assigned
Students – Co teachers if assigned as head teacher
Be a Christian committed to your walk with Christ
Must have a love for children
Be called to teach Sunday School
Love to teach
Be faithful to the teaching ministry
Know the characteristics of the age level of the students in your class
Attend teachers’ meetings/training sessions regularly if provided
Support the Pastor, Superintendent, and Church in its total growth
Be prepared with lessons and teaching materials
Report in if you are going to be absent
Maintain a daily prayer and private devotional life
Spend adequate time preparing for your lesson
Teach from the Bible
Arrive 15 minutes before the class to prepare the
classroom – if not come early to prepare the room
TIP #1
TIP #2
If you don't know it,
they won't learn it
Get your mind
thinking early
Know your ____________!
Lesson ____________
is the
March 1 - 7
TIP #3
Teach from the Bible
Whenever possible use
Read the lesson and pray
for direction
Search dictionaries,
commentaries, other
Bibles. Ask who, what,
when, where, why?
Wednesday Develop theme, outline
Ask God to show you
creative ways to present
your lesson
Review. Assemble visual
aids. Practice your lesson
Relax, meditate, and thank
God for the Word!
TIP #4
TIP # 5
Get them moving
Have them live it!
___________ your kids
TIP # 6
Plan Your Lesson
Keep in mind
• Your _________
• The __________
• _________ Aides
Allow them to ______ out
the part
• This incorporates
Makes the _________
more real
And helps _________it
in their minds.
TIP # 7
TIP # 8
Have a Point
Be Compassionate
The main thang, is to
the main thang
the main thang
 Pray
 Keep in touch
 Plan outside activities
TIP # 9
TIP # 10
Value In Variety
Types of Learners
L ____________
Q & A
 Story telling
 Illustrations
S ____________
 Object Lessons
 Power Point
 You Tube
T ____________
TIP # 10B
TIP # 11
Encourage Good
Use All The Senses
 S_____________
Bible Bucks
Kid Friendly
Find It First
 H_____________
 Sm___________
 Ta ____________
 To____________
TIP # 12
Keep Em Coming Back
1. Snail mail, email, text
messaging, instant
messaging, etc.
2. Or call them up
3. Use props in out of the
ordinary places
4. Use props in out of
the ordinary places
5. Create the atmosphere
using all 5 senses
6. Think like a kid!
TIP # 13
Making Them Behave
• Build relationships
• Set expectations
• Behavior trackers
 Happy Guy
 Carnival Tickets
 Candy Stars
 Noise Thermometer
 Binoculars
 Burst Balloons
 Have Fun, think like a
 Start early; plan but
be Flexible - open for
 There are no wrong
answers but know
what you’re talking
 Be sincere, pray for
your students
 Always look out for
teaching moments,
TEACH from the Bible
Teach & Reach Your Kids
Name: ___________________________________________ Date: ___________
Grade Level: _____________
Lesson Title: ____________________________________
Scripture Passage: _____________________________
Lesson Aim: (Why does this lesson need to be taught?):
Introduction: (Special ways of getting the students interested in this lesson)
Background/Setting Information:
Key Events:
Main Truths:
Activities planned to go with lesson:
Teaching Technique You Will Use – Visual Aides:
After this lesson, your students will know: (How will your students apply this
lesson to their lives?)
How will you close this lesson? ________________________________________
Age Level Characteristics and Tips
Change activities every
5 - 10 minutes
I question everything!
I love a beautiful room with
color and lots of toys.
I like playing with lots of kids
but sometimes I just want to be by
I need help in sharing with others.
I like to please others.
I like routine, don’t change things
too often.
I like music and art. Turn
it on and I will dance,
dance, dance.
I can button, zip, buckle;
cut simple shapes with
scissors, I can put on my shoes,
climb and move quickly, I am
able to copy simple figures. I
have a high need for motor
I like to whisper and tell Secrets.
I will test limits continually, I value
I can learn to pray a simple prayer.
Though I don’t always know when
I’ve done something wrong.
God is a super-being who looks like
Change activities every
5 - 10 minutes
I can dress myself. I am capable
of learning complex skills.
I am high energy and like to run
jump and play all the time.
I enjoy being with other people. I
am learning about sharing, and
taking turns.
My attention span is short so keep
it down to 10 minutes or less.
I am eager to learn and help but
if I don’t get my way I may pout.
I love stories, and the more action
in them the better.
God is very real to me. I believe
He is able to do anything! I don’t
understand how He is three
people in one. But if you say so, I
trust you and God.
Age Level Characteristics and Tips
Change activities every
10 – 15 minutes
GRADES 3 thru 6
Be creative in planning
the lesson
I enjoy repetition. Don't be
afraid to do drills over and
over. This is how I learn.
Friends are important to me. It is okay
to let me and my friends be on the
same team. I do however love to
I need praise because I lack
confidence and need adult
approval. Be real about it
though, I can tell if you’re
faking it.
I am influenced by my teachers and
other heroes. Teach me about biblical
and non-biblical heroes. And live what
you teach.
I am always moving. I need
you to channel that energy
into the drills and games.
I have a strong sense of justice or
fairness. Be consistent and be careful
not to show favoritism of any kind.
I want to be first always,
because I am still learning
how to share.
I’m full of energy and creativity. I like
word searches/puzzles.
I want to make friends. I don’t
always understand boundaries.
Help me understand and
respect the rights of others.
I am still developing my
eye-hand coordination.
Don’t make the crafts and
lesson too hard, I’m still
I have a short attention span.
Keep instructions and talking
short and to the point. Only
talk 1 minute for every
year that I've been
alive if you want me
to stay interested.
I’m usually cooperative and agreeable.
I usually know when I've done something wrong.
I can memorize easily but I need you
to explain and reinforce the meaning of
the memory verse.
I like to complain. Don't scold me for
it just listen.
I have developed good eye-hand
coordination. I am ready for some of
the more challenging drills
I am more likely to accept Jesus Christ
as my Savior. And I can now understand and relate to Bible stories.
Answer Key
Page 3
Know your lesson
Lesson preparation
Whenever possible use your Bible
Page 4
Control your kids’ movement
Allow them to act out the part
This incorporates movement
Makes the lesson more real
And helps reinforce it in their minds
Your audience
The objectives
Visual Aids
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