Wasatch Quilting’s list of Abbreviations used in patterns

Wasatch Quilting’s list of Abbreviations used in patterns
Bdr – border
CS – Charmed Star (Kathy Love)
Bdrcrnr – Border corner
SB – Starburst quilt patterns (Dereck Lockwood)
Blk – Block
MS – Mariners Star (Judy Neimeyer)
E2E – Edge to Edge
BSS – Bali sea star (Kim Brackett
P2P - Point to point
RR – Ripples and Reflections (Laurie Shifrin)
Tri – triangle
SP – Sherry’s Pearls
Dia – Diamond
Qtr – quarter
NS – no sew lines or jump stitches
Dp – Drunkards path
Pt – Point
Rec – Rectangle
DIC – Double Irish chain
TIC – Triple Irish chain
How to search for patterns.
If you type into the search button WFR all patterns that
were made for that quilt will come up. Do not use
Wildflower Rhapsody in your search nothing will come up
use the initials “WFR” and they will all come up.
I have added categories as a side bar to help locate
pattern types easier. If you click on feathers, pearls and
curls, everything that has feathers pearls and curls will
show up to help you with patterns that go together.
QIC – Quad Irish chain
HST – Half square triangle
Par – Parallelogram
Oct – Octagon
Hex – Hexagon
WFR – Wild Flower Rhapsody quilt patterns (Wing and a prayer)
AGGP – Aunt Grace’s Garden Party quilt patterns
SW – Southwest quilt patterns
CR - Crystal Reflections quilt patterns
CQ – Contessa quilt patterns (Wing and a prayer)
WN – White nights quilt patterns
EQ – Eldon quilt patterns
FB – French braid quilt patterns
BTN – Back to Nature and Tonga quilt patterns (Wing and a prayer)
FY – Forever yours quilt pattern(Annette Ornelas)