Babec Ecological Consultants

Ecological Consultants
Providing ecological expertise to clients across all sectors 01403 713 244 [email protected] Offering the full range of ecological services PRELIMINARY ECOLOGICAL
•  Desk studies •  Extended phase 1 habitat surveys HABITAT AND VEGETATION
•  Protected plants •  Lower plants •  National Vegetation ClassiIication •  Hedgerow surveys •  Aquatic macrophytes •  River corridor survey •  River habitat survey •  Common standards monitoring •  Habitat management plans BREEAM
•  BREEAM assessments •  Bats •  Great crested newts •  Dormouse •  Reptiles •  Badgers •  Water voles •  Otters •  Birds •  White-­‐clawed crayIish •  Invertebrates •  Invasive species EcIA
•  Ecological Impact Assessments HRA
•  Habitat Regulations Assessments 01403 713 244 [email protected] babec
Helping you plan and deliver your project We are an independent consultancy that provides ecological services to clients across all sectors. We remove obstacles and enable developments to progress by providing pragmatic solutions to ecological issues. Our comprehensive understanding of UK wildlife legislation and planning policy has helped get numerous projects off the ground. Our clients rely on us to manage their projects smoothly and produce the highest quality outputs to fulIil their requirements. Ecological Consultants
All our ecologists are full members of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management and work to the Institute’s Code of Professional Conduct, British Standard BS42020 and best practice guidelines. We strive to add value throughout the development process and provide an excellent service at competitive rates. If you require specialist ecological advice, we’ve got all the experience you need. 01403 713 244 [email protected] Contact Sussex of)ice (head of)ice) Partridge Green, West Sussex 01403 713 244 [email protected] Monmouthshire of)ice 01873 854 597 Abergavenny, Monmouthshire [email protected] Cover image by Matt Binstead Registered ofIice: 25 Burrell Close, Partridge Green, West Sussex. RH13 8BH. Registered in England and Wales No. 9163777