March 22, 2015 Bulleti - Holy Family Catholic Church Auburn NY

The Mother Church of Auburn
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March 22, 2015
Fifth Sunday of Lent
Parish Office
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Thursday 9:00-5:00
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Laurie Piccolo
2015: The Year of the Family
Are the marriages that we have the ones we envisioned when we took our wedding vows? Are our
relationships, both within and outside of our families, fulfilling or have we settled for something less than
what we would like? Are our homes a place where our children and we can escape the busyness, noise and
negative influences of the outside world? Are our homes “domestic churches” where our Catholic values are
practiced and taught to our children to prepare them for the peer pressure and moral challenges that they
face everyday? Are our marriages a model for our children and all those whom we come into contact?
Pope Francis has designated 2015 as the Year of the Family and we are asked to pray and reflect on ways
to spiritually strengthen our families to model the Holy Family. We are pleased to be collaborating with the
other Catholic faith communities in Cayuga County and St. Patrick Church in Jordan to offer two events that
focus on the spiritual and emotional relationships of the couple-the core of the family unit. It is our
hope that these events will help you discover God’s plan for your marriage, equip you with tools to enrich
your relationships, give you insight to what your spouse is thinking and feeling, energize your life of faith and
inspire you as you practice your Catholicism.
The first event is Date Night with the Deacon to be held on Wednesday, March 25th from 6-9 PM at
Curley’s. It is appropriate for couples in a serious relationship, engaged couples and married
couples no matter how long you have been married. The cost is $15/person (includes a limited pub menu,
non-alcoholic drink with dinner, tax and gratuity). Drinks will be available for purchase at the bar. It promises
to be a fun event with a chance to intermingle with other committed Catholic couples while participating in an
icebreaker activity. Following dinner Deacon Dennis and Cindy Donahue will lead an interactive reflection on
“Living Out Your Pre-Cana.” Due to seating capacity the event must be limited to the first 20 couples. Please
contact Don and Pat Cleaver at 253-6379 or [email protected] to make your reservation.
St. Joseph School
Susan Nedza
Our second event is “Passion & Purpose for Marriage” presented by Dr. Allen Hunt accompanied by a
musical guest to be held here at Holy Family Church on Saturday, June 13 th, from 9:00 AM to 1:30
PM. This presentation is recommended for engaged or married couples of any age, people who are
thinking of marriage and singles wishing insight into male/female relationships.
Weekend Mass
Saturday: 4:30 pm
Sunday: 9:00 am &
11:15 am
Dr. Hunt serves with Matthew Kelly as the Vice-President of Strategy and Content at the Dynamic
Catholic Institute. He is a nationally known speaker and best-selling author whose books include:
Confessions of a Mega-Church Pastor: How I Discovered the Hidden Treasures of the Catholic Church;
Everybody Needs to Forgive Somebody; and Nine Words: A Bible Study to Help You Become the Best
Saturday: 3:30pm
By Appointment
By Appointment and
Dr. Hunt stepped aside on July 1, 2007 as Senior Pastor at Mount Pisgah, a congregation serving more than
15,000 persons each week through all its ministries in Alpharetta, Georgia (outside of Atlanta). While there
he helped to develop comprehensive ministries with children and students as well as a Christian School with
over 1200 students; a Beacon of Hope pregnancy resource center and the Summit Counseling Center.
On January 6, 2008, on the Feast of the Epiphany, Dr. Hunt converted to Catholicism culminating a 15-year
journey that was effected by the prayers of Dominican sisters at the Monastery of Our Lady of Grace
in North Guilford, Connecticut who had been praying for him since he shared lectures with them
during Lent in 1992.
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Holy Family Church, Auburn, New York
Sunday, March 22
9:00 am Teresa Foster - Family
11:15 am Joseph J. Janusz - Donald & Lorraine Arliss
Monday, March 23
12:15 pm Carl Saurini - Tom and Dale
Tuesday, March 24
12:15 pm Maureen Charles - Family
Wednesday, March 25
12:15 pm Claireen Holmes Dennis - Jane Orofino
Thursday, March 26 - No Mass
Friday, March 27
12:15 pm William Kenny - Family
Saturday, March 28
4:30 pm Eleanor Graney - Family
Alvin Lasalle - Mary Evelyn, Tom and Dale
Sunday, March 29
9:00 am Allan Nunez - Parents
11:15 am Bernard Newcomb - Carl Rizzo
The Sanctuary Light will burn this week in memory of
Richard M. Walsh at the request of the Family.
No. of Envelopes Mailed
No. of Envelopes Used
Last Week’s Giving
Weekly Collection Goal
God Bless you for your generosity. Your support is needed
and greatly appreciated.
gifted faith community and we are called on to share
what we can to those in need. Some will be able to
afford more than others, but to meet our diocesan goal
we need every parishioner to give something. Until now we have
made a sacrifice of $25,390.00 which is 90.60% of our total
goal of $28,025.00. $2635.00 TO GO! Our parish is facing a
challenge at this point in meeting our Catholic Ministries Appeal
Goal. I am coming to you for help. If you are one of the 187
households who have already made a pledge, thank you, but if,
per chance, you have not made your pledge, I am writing to urge
you to do so. One of our goals this year is to increase the
number of parish households which support the CMA. Our
current participation rate is only 30.4%. Won't you help improve
this participation? Any amount, large or small will help. Drop your
contribution marked `CMA’ in the collection basket or at the
office. If you can help your parish in this load, but do not want to
contribute to the CMA directly, please place your check payable
to Holy Family in the weekly collection and at the MEMO write
“PARISH SPECIAL CARE” This will ensure that these monies
are used to make up the difference. Please pray for the success
of our efforts. Thank you. Fr. John
sheets for the Triduum (Holy Thursday to Easter, April 2 nd to 5th)
are in the sacristy. Please sign up by March 23rd.
March 22, 2015
STEWARDS: With 613 registered families at Holy
Family, we should easily raise $300,000 and even
more. Our true goal is to have a 100% participation in
the Church Roof Campaign. As of Monday, March 16, we have
received $105,305.43 in gifts and pledges! We are now at 35.1%
of our desired goal of $300,000.00. Thanks to all of you who have
helped us reach this point and our success depends on us!
We would like to thank you all for your
participation in the census. Parish Council is
busy compiling the information and we are happy with the
progress thus far. To date we have received over 150 completed
census forms. We hope to have all forms handed in by April 1st.
Please put your completed census form in the collection basket at
any mass or mail it in to the rectory. We look forward to sharing
the results with you and are very excited about the many
parishioners offering to volunteer.
the 9 am Family Mass—4th Grade. Next week, the 3rd Grade class
will bring up the gifts.
OUR YOUNG PEOPLE’S NEWS: Congratulations on being
named to the Dean’s List to Katherine Bachman, St. Lawrence
University, Anna Bianco, and Emily Latanyshyn, Le Moyne,
Leanne Maltese, St. John Fisher College and Matthew Trupiano,
Boston University. Jackson Siddall’s weather drawing was
featured in the Cloud Catcher section of The Citizen. Recent
Citizen photos showed the Cayuga Lake Junior Grange members,
Maria and Gracie Staehr, presenting an American Flag to the
Ward O’Hara Agricultural and Country Living Museum during the
open house for Holiday Traditions and the Yorkey family caroling
and bringing Christmas gifts to ten homebound county residents.
Maria and Gracie also helped at the 2015 Special Olympics.
EUCHARIST: Preparation session today at 10 am for students in
Room 16 and parents in Room 22 in the school.
HANDS OF CHRIST AWARDS: Congratulations to our Class
of 2015 winners: Grace Bachman, Jonathan Bell, Alexis
Liberatore, Rebecca Mills and Mark Trupiano. The Hands of
Christ is a recognition program sponsored by the Diocese of
Rochester to affirm our high school seniors who have been the
“Hands of Christ” in their church, home, school and community.
GIRL SCOUT COOKIE TIME: Girl Scout Troop 688 will once
again sell cookies after all the Masses next weekend. Cookies are
$4.00 a box for all your favorites—Thin Mints, Samoas,
Tagalongs, Trefoils, Do-si-dos. Profits fund the girls’ activities and
community service projects throughout the year.
church office the cheerful voice responding may be new to you!
Our New secretary, Karen Brennan began working for us on
March 16 and these are her working hours—9:00-5:00 Monday
through Thursday! We are so fortunate to welcome her among
Holy Family community and staff. Please stop by and say hello!
We are also grateful to Margaret Lepak for stepping in as our
interim secretary in our time of need from January until now!
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Holy Family Church, Auburn, New York
BAPTISM: We welcome Harper Grace Betts to our Faith
Community. Congratulations to all her family.
some reflections and ideas about Lent that Giovina Caroscio gave
to all of us who attended the Day of Prayer on March 7. One of
the main focus points was that Lent is for Life. That our Lenten
journey needs to be our life journey. Here are some ideas from a
hand-out that we received: “What to Give Up…Give up
complaining – focus on gratitude. Give up pessimism - become an
optimist. Give up harsh judgments - think kindly thoughts. Give up
worry - trust Divine Providence. Give up discouragement - be full
of hope. Give up bitterness - turn to forgiveness. Give up hatred return good for evil. Give up negativism - be positive. Give up
anger - be more patient. Give up pettiness - become mature. Give
up gloom - enjoy the beauty that is all around you. Give up
jealousy - pray for trust. Give up gossiping - control your tongue.
Give up sin - turn to virtue. Give up giving up - hang in there! I
hope you find these ideas helpful in your Lenten and life - long
journey to God.
10:00 - 11:00 am Clothes Closet & Catholic Shop - School
5:30 pm First Penance Celebration - Church
7:00 pm Parish Life Meeting - Rectory
6:00 - 7:00 pm Clothes Closet & Catholic Shop - School
7:00 pm Choir Practice - Church
3:30 pm Confessions
Saturday, March 28
4:30 pm
Sunday, March 29
9:00 am A. Blair, C. Ringwood, M. Staehr
11:15 am K. Duffy, G. Gorney, M. Gorney
Saturday, March 28
4:30 pm C. Tomandl, S. Marullo
Sunday, March 29
9:00 am P. Ferrari, B. Ringwood
11:15 am J. Renahan, S. Weldon
Saturday, March 28
4:30 pm A. Lane, M. Lavey, J. Madden, P. Stolarow
Sunday, March 29
9:00 am P. Allen, R. Bryant, M. Castiglione, T. Yoensky
Nursing Home: H. Delaney
11:15 am M. Lawson, S. Mills, T. Nolan, K. Pines
Saturday: 4:30 pm - Sue Marullo
Sunday: 9:00 am - Bill Tonzi
Sunday: 11:15 am - Kelly Pines
March 22, 2015
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Dr. Hunt volunteers his time for this event and receives no
financial compensation for attending or presenting. All
proceeds benefit the Dynamic Catholic “Catholic Moments”
projects including Marriage Preparation, First Communion and
Reconciliation programs. Last year they released Decision Point,
their Confirmation program, free of charge to all Catholic
communities. The program was well received nationally and was
used by several parishes in our area. There will be 3 sessions
with two 30-minute breaks between them. Topics will include Five
Things Women Need to Know About Men, What Women Want
Men to Know, and The Most Important Word in a Marriage.
Following each presentation couples will be given a question to
reflect upon and discuss with their partner. No one will be asked
to share their feelings or answers with the group. Individuals
attending the presentation will also be given a question to reflect
Dynamic Catholic also sent us 100 copies of Dr. Hunt’s Nine
Words: A Bible Study to Help You Become the Best-Versionof-Yourself as part of their Parish Book Program. Copies will be
available in the back of the Church beginning March 21st. We are
asking for a donation of $1.00 per book (list price is $15.00) to
cover the cost. In this book Dr. Hunt reflects on the nine “fruits of
the Spirit” cited by St. Paul in Galatians 5: 22-23 and offers
some practical suggestions for cultivating each in our lives.
On behalf of Father John and Holy Family Church we invite you to
get away together for a few hours to focus on your relationship.
You will not be disappointed!
God’s peace and blessings to you and your families,
Don and Pat Cleaver
In an effort to highlight the importance of the Sacrament of God’s
Mercy and Reconciliation in our life of faith and calling to
awareness the need for conversion the diocese of Rochester has
scheduled a special opportunity for every Catholic to celebrate
individual confession in their parish on the same day during Lent!
Day of Penance and Mercy: Tuesday March 24, 2015. This will
be duly observed here at Holy Family but included is also a
Penance service for our First Reconciliation candidates
scheduled from 5.30 PM-7.00PM and we shall have the
Lenten Communal Penance Service with individual
reconciliation on Wednesday, 5.30 PM, April 1. Please take
advantage of these two day of Mercy set apart to enable you
celebrate reconciliation and forgiveness. On Ash Wednesday
each year, we hear from the prophet Joel: “Even now, says the
Lord, return to me with your whole heart, with fasting, and
weeping, and mourning; rend your hearts, not your
garments, and return to the Lord, your God.” Please consider
making use of the sacrament of penance by going to confession
during this penitential season. It’s a most fitting time to be
reconciled to God, especially if it has been a long time for you. I
also hear confessions each Saturday from 3.30 to 4:30.
STATIONS OF THE CROSS are celebrated 7:00 pm in the
following Auburn Churches on Fridays during Lent: March 27~SS
Peter & Paul and April 3~St. Alphonsus.