Polystone® Play-Tec In 12 colours available from stock

Polystone® Play-Tec
In 12 colours available from stock
More freedom in design
Röchling Engineering Plastics offers the
creative Polystone® Play-Tec sheets from
stock in twelve colours.
Six single-coloured and six two-coloured
(three-layer co-extruded) sheets are
available from which we can make up an
order according to your needs.
For you, this means shorter delivery tim es
and greater flexibility when planning and
designing your product.
Passing the toy safety test with flying
Polystone® Play-Tec was tested by TÜV
NORD CERT GmbH for compliance with
DIN EN 71-3, -9, -10, -11. This standard
regulates safety tests for toys, particularly
with regard to the migration of toxic
contents and organic-chemical
compounds, which can be assimilated –
following the way children usually behave.
All the measurement results fall clearly
short of the particular limiting values
Polystone® Play-Tec instead of wood
Polystone® Play-Tec is a homogeneous,
coloured plastic sheet. Scratches are
therefore almost invisible. The sheet does
not absorb water, does not swell and does
not delaminate. These properties make
Polystone® Play-Tec the ideal choice for
applications where painted or glazed
plywood or MDF fibreboards have been
used previously.
Typical applications
Play and recreational equipment
Kindergarten furniture and equipment
Design elements
Signs and displays
Wellness and swimming pool
Twelve colour variants provide flexibility:
Permanent designs are easily
milled into the surface.
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Product range available from stock
2440 x 1220 x 19 mm, matt-grained on
both sides and provided with neutral PE
protective film
Single coloured
yellow, green, blue, red, grey and black
Two coloured, co-extruded
The picture below shows the variants
available from stock
Other sizes and colours are available on request.
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