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Aseptia offers shelf-stable, efficiently packaged food for government and military
Company’s innovative, aseptic preservation technology producing superior food products
RALEIGH, N.C. – (4/13/2015) From mashed potatoes to salsa and applesauce, Aseptia has perfected its
fresh formula for an innovative, aseptic process in food preservation. Today, the Raleigh-based
company extends its award-winning technology, processing and packaging capabilities to the
government and its military dining as they seek new, safe, quality food service measures.
“The food industry and consumers have long relied on preservation techniques that inevitably
jeopardize food quality,” said Aseptia President and CEO David Clark. “A bulky can, inconvenient
refrigeration or the use of additives, all of these outdated processes damage fresh flavor and strip food
of valuable nutrients.”
He added, “Aseptia has harnessed microwave technology to create improved products that retain these
crucial characteristics. We’re processing and packaging a variety of food with an extended shelf life of
12 months or more without the use of preservatives. We’re also creating strategic alliances to ensure
the most efficient, effective packaging possible for every food product. It’s a win-win for companies and
consumers, and a considerable accomplishment for presentation to our government.”
Calling the technology “game-changing,” Clark noted that Aseptia’s capabilities are proving beneficial
for multiple food-industry facets, including food service for the coveted military sector. A shelf-life
evaluation concluded in 2014 by the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering
Center (NSRDEC) studied multiple Aseptia vegetable blends and the effects of storage conditions on
the aseptically processed food. Results indicated excellent quality and shelf-stability for the five tested
items under rigorous heat over several weeks, manipulated to simulate years of storage at a potential
80 degrees.
The company boasts additional benefits to its food possibilities. Flexible packaging provides a logistical
space saver in commissaries, thus a potential replacement for cans across military kitchens. Aseptia’s
high-quality products also boast nutrient retention and the ability to maintain the food’s aroma and
natural flavor in addition to its expanded shelf life within alliance partner Sealed Air’s flexible packaging.
As the patented AseptiWave™ technology – advanced, volumetric heating methods developed in
conjunction with a team at North Carolina State University – continues its introduction to the food
market, demonstrating its vast food abilities, company leadership will display product examples and
information alongside Sealed Air at R&DA’s 69th Annual Spring Meeting & Exhibition, April 13-16, in
Williamsburg, Va.
Aseptia will highlight three shelf stable products – mashed potatoes, salsa and applesauce – at the
Clark added, “Aseptia’s technology in alignment with Sealed Air has vast potential for the government
and its military branches. We’re poised to present our products to this audience as well as other
attendees and share our years of research and development toward these superior food products.”
About Aseptia
Aseptia is a state-of-the-art food technology company, founded in 2006. Partnered with North Carolina State University and its
team of scientists, Aseptia developed ground-breaking U.S. technology, which enables the preservation of food products that
maintain freshness, flavors, nutrients and superior taste without the use of additives or the need for refrigeration. For this
patented technology, Aseptia and N.C. State received a variety of accolades and recognition, including acknowledgment by
the FDA. The progressive Aseptia brand is built on innovation, safety and quality in the technology utilized for packaged food.
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