Weirdly Crochet Cowl

Weirdly Crochet Cowl
Quickly crochet this cute little neck cowl in some fabulous yarns
as a gift for someone special or even yourself! It’s also a great
project for using up any leftover yarns - any thick yarn will do!
You will need:
• #5 Crochet hook
• 1 ball 10-12 ply yarn
• 2 big decorative buttons
1. Crochet it up! Use the stitch diagram to
right and continue until you run out of
yarn or until the strip is 4 times as long
as you want the cowl to be.
2. Arrange the strip in a side-ways M shape
as pictured and slip stitch the seams
together as shown, leaving enough space
for your buttons:
3. Stitch the buttons on to the end without
the buttonholes.
4. Try on your new cowl scarf!
© Morgan Sin 2012