Spindle To Sashes Presents A Nursing Pillow Cover **Fits Boppy**

Spindle To Sashes
How to make
A Nursing Pillow Cover
**Fits Boppy**
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Spindle To Sashes
Nursing Pillow Cover Pattern
For a video tutorial, please visit: Our On-line Video Tutorial
For all supplies, please visit your local fabric store
Supply List for 1 Nursing Pillow Cover:
¾ yard fabric for “top” of cover (can use anything: pre-shrunk cotton, polyester, fleece)
¾ yard fabric for “bottom” of cover
Matching thread
1. Attach pattern pieces together. Diagram 1.
2. Cut 2 out of “bottom” fabric with pattern. Diagram 2.
3. Sew straight edges with a serger or zig zag stitch.
Make sure that your 'zag' goes over the edge to 'seal in' the fabric.
Diagram 3.
4. Cut line on pattern. Diagram 4.
5. Using pattern, cutting on the fold, cut one of “top” fabric. Diagram 5.
6. Stack all three pieces with “good sides” facing inward.
**Hint** The 2 half pieces must overlap each other.
We are going to create a 'pillow sham' effect.
Diagram 6.
7. Pin and sew using a straight stitch leaving 1/2” seam allowance on the edge.
Sew around entire perimeter of fabric.
8. Use a serger or zig zag stitch on the edges for extra durability.
9. Turn right side out through overlapping “bottom” side.