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Addressing – Building Safety – Customer Service & Permitting – Environmental –Land Use – Planning
February 17, 2015
Life Teen, Inc.
2222 S. Dobson Road, #601
Mesa, AZ 85202
Re: Camp Tepeyac - Parcel #100-07-009
Project Location: 2600 S. Tepayac Road, Prescott, AZ
On February 11, 2015, a special inspection was performed on the above referenced property.
The purpose of this site visit was to verify the conditions of a portion of the existing buildings that
were going to be modified/remodeled (as per the preliminary code review on February 05, 2015).
A site plan of the property, indicating the property lines with dimensions, the location of all
buildings, distance of buildings to the property lines, distance between buildings.
The existing reach-in cooler/freezer will be removed and replaced with a new unit. A ¼” min.
scaled floor plan will be required, indicating the location of the new cooler/freezer unit, along
with any required electrical change. If the existing electrical power for this new unit is
sufficient, or if the power needs to be upgraded, a letter from a licensed electrical contractor, or
a licensed Arizona registrant will be required to confirm such power.
The existing cabins currently have twelve, built-in place, single bunk beds around the
perimeter of the interior. There are two exterior doors on each side wall. The plan is to add
four (4) more fixed beds, for a total of sixteen (16). A floor plan (typical for each cabin) shall be
provided to indicate the existing and new beds. Additional layouts may be required if not
Three (3) new Bath Houses shall be constructed, one each in the vicinity of the three existing
cabin clusters. The buildings shall comply with the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible
Design. The total number of fixtures for each cabin cluster shall comply with Table 403.1 of
the 2012 International Plumbing Code (IPC). There shall also be an accessible route from at
least one of the cabins in each of the three clusters, to the new Bath House.
This building has a large Assembly-type room. In this room is a large, masonry fireplace that
has a masonry chimney up through the existing roof. There is also a small kitchen area,
including a commercial hood/vent, sinks, food storage. This area is to be removed, and
opened up into the assembly area. There are two existing toilet rooms that are going to be
gutted, and remodeled with new fixtures and finishes, to comply with the 2010 ADA Standards.
Yavapai County – Development Services Department
It was determined that a licensed Arizona registrant would be required to provide the plans for
all of the modified/remodeled work, as noted above. Plans of the South Lodge renovations will
be required, including the modification of new structural/patching for the removal of the existing
masonry fireplace.
Please don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions.
Mark Rogers
Plans Examiner
Yavapai County Development Services
email: [email protected]