Class7th - Amrit Public School

Amrit Public School, Mau
Summer Holiday Homework-2015-16
Class – VII
Note :1-Do all the HHW in your Class Work Copy.
2- Do reading practice 1 hour daily in the morning and evening
[Subject – Science]
Q1-Collect the pictures of different heterotrophy from newspapers and write few lines about
Q2-Make a model of digestive system with waste material. To show its working you could use
Q3- In case of diarrohea/dysentery, doctor suggests to the patient to have plenty of ORS. Why
is it necessary? Can you prepare ORS at home.
[Subject – Maths]
Q1-Write and learn the square of natural numbers(1 to 25).
Q2-Solve the following questions:- i) 2 ÷ ×
ii) (-10.001) × (0.01) iii) (
Q3-Subtract- i) – 64 from 64 ii) – 56 from -3 iii) – 28 from 0
iv) – 0 from -255 v) 27 from -56
Q4-Make Geometrical shapes by paper folding 3 cutting. i)a kite
Q5- Write prime numbers from 1 to 100 and learn it.
+ )+ ×
[Subject – S.St.]
1. Find out names of any five foreign travelers who visited India during the medieval period and
complete the following details about them.
a. The country or area they belonged to
b. Date of their visit
c. Indian rulers of that period
d. Books they had written
2. Collect the pictures of any five monuments constructed during the medieval period and give a
brief description about each of them. (Make a file)
GEOGRAPPHY- 1. Write an assignment about the topic ‘Global Warming – Preventive
Measures’( 2 to 3 pages)
CIVICS- 1. Make a list of 20 Asian countries and categorize them on the basis of their form
of government. (Democratic, monarchy, military dictatorship, communist etc. Try to have example
from each category.)
[Subject – English]
Q1-Add suitable predicates to the following subjects.
i)My uncle_________ ii)The brane policeman_________iii)The beautiful peacock_____
iv)The big city _________v)This little girl___________
Q2-In each of the following sentences, fill in the appropriate form of the word given.
1- polite- a)The students were praised for their________
b)They were very ______ to the stranger. c)They spoke very_______
2- Lazy- a)Neeti was a _______girl. b)He lived his life_______
c) He was the ________man in his village.
3-Kind –a)He is a cruel man but his brother is extremely______
b)He treats everyone with______ c)He even talks to the beggars___________
4-Intelligence- a)He is an __________boy. b)He talks__________
c) He showed his_________ by answering all the question
Q3-Express your view on the topic ‘Save Tree’ make a picture with slogan.
Q4-You are the cultural secretary of your school. The school is organizing a painting exhibition.
Draft a notice inviting names from the students for participating in the exhibition.
Q5-Make a flow chart of tense. Paste the picture related to each tense.
[Subject – Computer]
Q1- Prepare a excel sheet of daily expenditure in different field of your family and find the
saving at last.
Q2-Convert these numbers into binary form- 725, 1001, 65, 1024, 999 and 101
[Subject – Sanskrit]
[Subject – HIndi]
[Subject – G.K.]
Q1-Collect the name of each and every famous and popular actor/actress of Bollywood from
U.P. in an assignment file. Paste their photo also(minimum 10).