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Frosty Friends Rag Quilt 49” x 63”
Inspired by the Warm & Toasty pattern by Lavender Hutt designs (
Fabric Requirements: (do not prewash fabric)
1yd of F2015-42 packed snowmen
¾yd each of F2016-42 scenic, F2017-45 blocks &
F2018-45 tossed snowmen
⅓yd each of F2019-42 light blue stars, F2019-45
royal stars, F2075-24 red, F2075-38 rust, F2075-41
light blue, F2075-43 med. Blue, F2075-45 royal,
F2075-49 navy, F2075-53 gold, F2075-73 kelly,
F2075-79 forest & F2075-99 black
⅝yd each of F2019-24 red stars & F2019-73 green
2⅛yds of Pellon© P998 Cloud 9 fleece
-cut (4) strips 8¼” x wof; cut into (18) 8¼” squares
– cut (3) strips 8¼” x wof; cut into (15) 8¼”
-from each, cut (1) strip 10” x wof; cut into (4) 10”
squares and cut twice diagonally
-cut (2) strips 10” x wof; cut into (8) 10” squares
and cut twice diagonally
-cut (11) strips 6¾” x wof; cut into (63) 6¾”
squares. Cut (32) squares twice diagonally
1. Choose 2 matching 8¼” squares. Lay 1 square right side down. Center a fleece square on top, then
the other 8¼” square right side up on top.
2. Sew diagonally through all layers twice to make an X. (diagram 1)
3. Repeat with the remaining 8¼” squares, making 31 blocks.
4. In a similar manner, layer 2 matching triangles, sewing through all layers from top point to center of
long edge. Make 128 units. (diagram 2)
5. Sew 4 different triangle units together with a ¾” seam, keeping raw edges on same side of block.
Make 32 blocks. (diagram 3)
5. Arrange the blocks in 9 rows of 7, alternating the pieced and plain blocks and keeping the direction of
the plain blocks constant (heads and tree tops toward top).
6. Sew into rows, using a ¾” seam, then sew the rows together with a ¾” seam.
7. Sew ¾” from outer edge of quilt.
8. Rag quilt by clipping seam allowances every ½” through all layers, being careful not to clip stitching
9. Wash and dry, cleaning lint collector several times during the drying cycle.
10. Enjoy!