Optitex Pattern Making Software A pattern for success

Optitex Pattern Making Software
A pattern for success
There’s a reason why over 27,000 pattern makers
worldwide use Optitex. They found their pattern for
success - both for their sewn products and their business.
Optitex provides a complete all-in-one pattern making
solution tailored to the needs of all sewn industries. It
delivers the competitive advantages you need to win in
your market:
Faster time to market
Optitex eliminates hundreds of manual
steps in the design process with features like:
Digitizing of complicated pieces in seconds - faster
and more accurate than most scanners
Responsive grading - fine tune control of each size
Walk a pattern while you correct the shape, add a
notch, smooth a line … whatever!
Advanced pattern imports with every layer intact
(darts remain darts, pleats remain pleats, etc.)
Efficient mouse clicking and multi-tools to speed
pattern development
A “compare length” box that compares line lengths
of multiple pattern segments, stores them and
updates automatically
Tools with combined features to complete a task
rather than each step
A superior design
Focus on the design, not the
A work environment designers can
tailor to their own needs
The ability to visualize the
measurements on different styles
Extensive control over internals like
notches, buttons, drill holes
Fabric definitions while drafting and
editing pieces - import or scan
Dynamic Measurement Chart: PDS shows all measurements
right on the pattern. Changes in the pattern are reflected
dynamically in the chart. Changes in the chart are
automatically reflected in the pattern.
No hardware
Mix and match hardware to fit
your needs:
Optitex supports the widest range of
plotters, cutters, digitizers and any
other hardware you are working with
Import and export to and from all
major CAD formats (DXF, AAMA, ASTM
and others)
Convert files to and from the most
popular CAD systems
Easy to use
Faster learning = more
Training time measured in days vs.
weeks with competitive solutions
Windows-based system runs on any
standard PC
Click anywhere to see context
sensitive menus - hover over a tool to
see its hot key or over a line to see its
center point
Moving a point shows x, y, length
and angle of movement - mouse
locks in that direction and guidelines
appear automatically
Integrate pattern making
with 3D modeling
Optitex Pattern Making integrates seamlessly
with the Optitex 3D Design solution:
View your style on different body types
Create 3D Samples to see overall design, look and feel
Incorporate buttons and zippers as actual 3D objects,
not just images
Communicate virtual samples to and from factories
Parametric 3D Modeling An accurate model, is the most vital
aspect of 3D Sampling. Changes to the patterns automatically
appear on the model. Preset Models allow you to configure a
number of different body types so you can immediately see how
changes in your pattern will look- before you sew a single stitch!
Tailored To All Sewn Industries
Optitex pattern making software is tailored to meet
the needs of all sewn products manufacturers:
automotive, upholstery, apparel, and composite
material. Darts, seam allowance, special corners,
advanced measurement techniques, pleats,
complicated curves, dimension modifications, and
facings, are all fitted to the trade.
Unique Within Sewn Industries
The only pattern design software that delivers
all these functions in one solution:
Digitizing, Plotting, Printing, Grading, 3D
A Complete Solution. Optitex Pattern Making Software includes
three modules (also available separately):
A powerful, fully
easy-to-use CAD
system for creating
and tailoring
Lets you quickly
adjust patterns to
fit the entire size
range of your
products (including
complex size
Lets you rapidly
generate digital
copies of garments
by outlining
patterns or even
cloth pieces.
Intuitive, Easy-to-Learn, Fully Customizable Interface:
Movable toolbars and dialog boxes allow each design engineer to create their own working
environment. Icons and tools are organized by functionality: Tools related to drafting, editing,
and measuring your patterns are all grouped together to provide quick access to the tools you
use most. Hotkeys allow you to quickly access your most heavily used functions without ever
needing to access a menu.
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