CALL TO ORDER - The Town of Amherstburg

Town of Amherstburg
At the Town of Amherstburg Council meeting held on Monday, February 23, 2015,
Received information from Mr. Gene Zakal and Garnett Wright regarding the noise
issue at his residential property. Council directed Administration to get a cost
estimate for a sound engineer for Mr. Zakal’s noise and vibration concerns.
Received input from Ms. Brenda Kokko regarding the Nuisance Mosquito Program
Proposal Review and Recommendation. Council concurred with the lowest tender
being Pestalto Environmental Health Services to provide a biological control
program for nuisance mosquitos in the " Fraserville” area in the amount of
$ 49,972.
Approved the hiring of 3 Crossing Guards.
Received the February 2, 2015 – February 16, 2015 Accounts Payable Report.
Received and tabled the Tangible Capital Assets Policy to be considered at a
future Special Council Policy Review Meeting.
Approved the Final Acceptance on Infrastructure – Kingsbridge Phases 4A, 4B, 4C
and 6A, 6B.
Awarded Dog Control Services to 21st Century K9 Inc. for one year in the amount
of $24,000.00 plus H.S.T.
Approved 2014 - 2018 Committee Appointments. The appointments were as
Accessibility Advisory Committee: Marie Allen and Justine Silvaggio.
Fence Viewers Committee: Merv Richards.
Co-An Park Committee: John McDonald.
Audit and Finance Advisory Committee: John Purdy, Todd Langlois, Robert Auger
and Terry Hall.
Economic Development Advisory Committee: Joe Varracali, Marc Pillon, Robert
Rozankovic and John McDonald.
Nominated and appointed the following Council Committee Appointments:
o Audit and Finance Advisory Committee –Deputy Mayor DiPasquale and
Councillor Meloche
o Economic and Development Advisory Committee – Deputy Mayor
DiPasquale and Councillor Meloche
o Communities in Bloom Committee – Councillor Pouget
Deferred the Council Compensation Review for the 2014-2018 Term of Office.
Accepted the unsolicited offer of Services from Leardi Law Firm for the PARC
Process and directed Administration to pre-commit the upset limit of $12,000.00 to
the 2015 Budget.
Supported the Town of Tecumseh’s resolution to keep the obstetrics services open
at Leamington District Memorial Hospital.
Proclaimed April 2, 2015, as World Autism Awareness Day in the Town of
Directed the Police Services and the Traffic Committee to look into the on-street
parking issue on Whelan Court.
Town of Amherstburg - Council Brief
February 23, 2015