The electoral program that the group of the PSC has been prepared

The electoral program that the group of the PSC has prepared for the elections of May 24 is based
on the principles of socialism; for democracy, by high-quality public services, by equality between
men and women, with education, health, unit, culture, sustainability, by local and rural development
and even more so in these times because of the urgency in generating employment.
From these basic principles is where we started for its elaboration.
The individuals that comprise this candidacy are citizens of Pals, that originating in various countries
have chosen for different reasons this village as a residence.
This allows us to see from another perspective, potential and shortcomings of this beautiful town.
We have a privileged environment, beach, Gothic quarter, rice fields, Bases d'en Coll, Radio
Liberty,... We have everything and quality !!!
Pals, a great product that we must pamper, love, protect and most importantly REINVENT!!!
We have a great offer hotels, campsites, rural accommodation, holiday apartments and homes,
restaurants, bars and commerce, quality all united by the same problem: seasonality.
The construction boom and the wealth it represented, has ceased to be the engine of wealthgenerating activity. We must go in search of other sources of income. We have very clear that
tourism should be the lynchpin to which we must allocate all possible resources. Getting the
extension of the tourist season is what the industry wants and that the City has to support working
side by side.
Our proposal is to allocate all possible resources to create new initiatives, retrieve previous ones, as
the Fira de l'Arròs, adapting to the current economy. Carried out in different seasons to activate the
tourist and commercial activity in Pals.
We believe that tourism in general, trade, rice farmers would have to go hand in hand with the
common goal of creating wealth and employment.
However for that we need to bring order, we need a neat, clean, more gardens, with urban furniture
needed, … An attractive village for those who come to enjoy the surroundings and for those who live
in it.
Our suggestions:
1- Strengthen municipal brigade in those times of year it is necessary to reinforce, Easter and
summer, for cleaning sewers, roads, beach area, etc.
2- Offer parking areas and adapt the blue zone tariff to the actual time of use.
3- Cleaning and maintenance of public sewer to solve flooding problems and odrs.
4- Create a policy to prevent abandoned and / or dilapidated buildings.
5- Keep working to solve the problem of mobile telephony and insist to reach optical fiber.
6- Improvement Enginyer Algarra street, is the town first image.
7- Maintain and improve public buildings.
8- Creating a space for young (meeting point).
9- Installing mailboxes in those urbanisations that do not have service.
10- End the tort of urbanisations not yet completed of which the City Hall has not taken over
11- Economic and tourist promotion.
We must use all the tools at our disposal and the ones that come to us from outside and that add
value. Tourism, culture, history, gastronomy, landscape, ... all together to offer a wide range for
What we can do
Radio Liberty: An ambitious, environmentally friendly project, does not need new buildings, unique in
the world of these features, could be the Memorial of the Cold War. A new and distinctive item to add
cultural and tourist heritage of Pals. The recovery of much of the material is viable so that have held
consultations with the US embassy and they would be willing to collaborate with the contribution of
material. A space of these features would generate an increase in visitors being an element that
would help seasonality. The project would employ about 50 people, and was presented to the
Central Government and to the Generalitat de Catalunya.
Meanwhile we can ask the central government to make use of outer space to carry out, at least in
summer, cultural activities such as dance performances, concerts, films, etc , environment respectful
activities. This would be a way to carry out maintenance, control and protection of that space.
Torre Mora: the Cercle Català d'Història together with the cultural area of the city council (our
candidate was councilor for culture at that mandate), a small archaeological excavation of the ruins
in 2011 was conducted. A report was made endorsing the importance thereof, report it has resulted
that Patrimoni of the Generalitat and the Cercle Català been asked to be included in the new POUM
being drafted. From this organism is reported to be mandatory inclusion as space to protect, since
this is a very important enclave in Playa de Pals. Apparently the current government is not interested
in their inclusion in the POUM.
Citta Slow: movement born in Italy in 1999 whose goal is to promote local products, gastronomy,
environment, history, etc. of each one of the cities that make up this net, all under 50,000 inhabitants.
Currently take part of this movement cities in Italy, France, Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands,
Poland, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Turkey, the US and South Korea.
In Spain the state net of Municipalities for Quality of Life, whose headquarters is Pals consists of
Begur, Rubielos de Mora, Bigastro, Lequeitio, Munguia and Pals.
Our candidate was one of the people during the government of UPM, along with other councilors
from Pals, Begur and Palafrugell traveled to Abbiategrasso (Italy) to know in situ this movement.
We are surprised as the council has not shown, at least by now, a genuine interest in taking
advantage of a broadcast net for tourist promotion of international scope of these characteristics.
You can access all information on this net in
Fira de l'Arròs: we would like to recapture the spirit of that initiative was conducted between June
2004 and 2005. Perhaps in a more austere form, with other addictions, but with equal zeal to achieve
such an important activity has managed to be Fira d'Indians in Begur. Originally Fira de l'Arròs, Fira
d'Indians and la Pela del Suro were the result of agreement Tres Terres, signed by the municipalities
of Begur, Palafrugell and Pals during UPM mandate.
As you can see if our group accesses to the mayorship will use all initiatives that are beneficial as
promotional tools.
But we can not forget the people, associations and entities that form the municipality will pay them
our full attention and dedication. Dialogue, cooperation and friendly treatment will be fundamental in
our policy. Health, safety, social services, education, care for the elderly and disabled people are
vital to our program.
We want a Pals of all and for all without differences and equal opportunity !!!
We ask for your confidence
Thank You