expert reviews The Norwood—Hamilton scale of male-pattern baldness

expert reviews
III vertex
The Norwood—Hamilton scale of
male-pattern baldness
Published in Expert Reviews in Molecular
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Figure 1. The Norwood–Hamilton scale of malepattern baldness. The typical pattern of hair loss
is divided into seven categories. No hair loss is
termed ‘type I’. Minor recession of the frontal
hairline is termed ‘type II’. Type III indicates further
frontal loss, and is considered ‘cosmetically
significant’. The subset of type III, termed ‘III
vertex’, shows significant frontal recession coupled
with hair loss from the vertex region of the scalp.
Types IV–VI show further frontal and vertex loss,
culminating in type VII, in which only the occipital
scalp region maintains significant amounts of hair.
Reproduced from Norwood, O.T. (1973) Hair
Transplant Surgery (1st edition), courtesy of
Charles C. Thomas, Publisher, Ltd, Springfield,
Illinois, USA (fig001jem).
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The Norwood–Hamilton scale of male-pattern baldness
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