Regulation In A Free Society Is Law A Limitation On

We cordially invite you to series of talks on
Regulation In A Free Society
Is Law A Limitation On Freedom Or A Fundamental
Condition Of It? Comparative Views And Case Studies
From Europe And The United States
12. a 13. května 2015
To what extent should society be regulated? To what extent is it possible (and useful) to regulate the
internet, school dress or cannabis use? How does such regulation work (or not work) in real life?
How does such regulation influence behavior and freedom of people? And how does this, in turn,
influence how law is created? These questions are very hard to answer without actual knowledge as
to how law works in everyday life. Social scientists often do not have enough information and
knowledge on how law actually works which substantially limits the quality of discussion on these
fundamental questions.
The talks will be given by Wendell Goddard, American lawyer with more than 40 years of
experience. The purpose of his talks is not to provide any clear and simple answers to difficult
questions, but to promote a continuing discussion on alternative ways on how to address concerns
common to all people. This will be done in a friendly and informal atmosphere of cross-national
For the concrete schedule see attached program. Individual talks are related to one another.
However, it is possible to come to just some of them.
We look forward to seeing you there!
Arnošt Veselý