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an aiesec initiative
Project Vision
To Help the underprivileged children by making them
aware about their rights and imparting skills to them
which will enable them to excel in life and broaden their
perspective thereby giving the child an opportunity to
realize his full potential
1. To implement the basic Right to Development and eradicate child labor
and other kind of illegal activities on them by working in collaboration
with the other Non-Governmental Organizations in India
2. To create a truly global environment within the state on the issue of
Child rights. To help the children realize their true potential, to
understand the world, gain confidence and become the leaders of
3. To teach kids in an innovative way to pave a way for their better
social acceptance.
To create awareness and ensure implementation of any/all Child Rights
through this project by creating a global environment and helping the
children realize their opportunities by teaching them and making them
gain knowledge and confidence to become leaders in the near future.
Catering to all aspects of Child Rights violation by enlightening them
• Global Issues and opportunities
• Nutrition and health care
• Learning through extra-curricular activities
• Fighting and standing up against child marriage, child abuse, child
project impact
We want to develop a million children across the
country into responsible and employable individuals
who live a better life than before
The Project will be delivered in more than 15 cities in India
with in a span of 5 years and 10 phases.
Phase 1
December 2014 – February 2015
Duration : 6 weeks
1. 10th
2. 15th
3. 1st
Phase 3
December 2015 – February 2016
Phase 5
December 2016 – February 2017
Phase 7
December 2017 – February 2018
Phase 9
December 2018 – February 2019
Phase 2
June 2015 – August 2015
Phase 4
June 2016 – August 2016
Phase 6
June 2017 – August 2017
Phase 8
June 2018 – August 2018
Phase 10
June 2019 – August 2020
knowing child rights
The Right to Survival to life, health, nutrition, name and nationality
The Right to Development to education, care, leisure and recreation
The Right to Protection from exploitation, abuse and neglect
The Right to Participation to expression, information and religion
child right violations
Over congested and squalid living conditions
Threat of child trafficking
Victims of family violence
Lack of quality formal education
Threat of eviction/displacement
Early childhood marriage
Child labour, often in hazardous conditions
Physical, sexual and psychological abuse
Victims of alcoholism or drug abuse
Poor nutritional and health status
why footprints?
• Out of the 400 million children in India, every second child is
• 11.8 % children (about 4.72 lac) are a victim of child labour.
• Enrollment Ratio at Upper Primary Elementary Level in govt.
schools is only 58.3%
• The third largest crime after drugs and gun smuggling is child
trafficking in India - There are over 45,000 missing children in India
each year.
• A startling two-thirds of girl children cannot read or write.
project at a glance
Primary Element — Education
Secondary Element – Hygiene, Manners & Etiquettes, Social Behavior &
Teaching : Language, Other subjects
Learning through extra-curricular activities like Music, Dance,
Sports, Arts and Craft.
Workshops on Cultural Understanding, Imparting Life Skills,
communication skills.
Awareness Drives for children and families in the community
Social Media Activity and increase in outreach
Fund raising campaigns to support the cause
challenges faced
by exchange participants
1. Language barrier, difficulty in
understanding accent
2. Abiding to Indian culture,
discipline and lifestyle followed
at work place and city.
3. Making target-audience specific
m a t e r i a l fo r w o r k s h o p s/
sessions and keeping it simple
to understand.
4. B e c o m i n g a p a r t o f t h e
curriculum and staff rather
than just a visiting member.
by kids
1. Understand accents
2. Getting used to a different
cultural environment in the
3. Overcoming intimidation
towards interns
• Teaching according to the Curriculum
• Fund raising
• Awareness & outreach of the cause
• Develop life skills, career prospects
• Co-curricular involvement
• Social Media outreach
• Research & analysis on number of engaged children through
survey all families
Awareness drive for children and families
Conducting workshops
Sports, arts, paint, dance, Music etc.
Virtual Platform utilization
Week 1
EP Induction
Client Visit
(if applicable)
Week 3
Half Experience
Impact Report
Week 6
Final Impact Report
Project Event
- Feedback Meeting.
- LC Engagement Activity.
Generic Project Calendar
about project
Interns we are looking
An Exchange Participant is required to meet the following criteria to
apply to this Project:
• Fluent English speaking and writing.
• Presentation skills
• People skills
• PC User skills
• Team Work
An Exchange Participant is preferred to meet the following criteria to
apply to this Project:
• Basic Social Media Awareness and Marketing skills
• Sales
• Specialization in any extra-curricular activity.
• Prior volunteering experience
An Exchange Participant is required to have the following mindset
before applying:
• Adaptability to people, culture, discipline, communication
• Empathetic towards the children
• Truly dedicated to the cause and the desire to create a difference
by leaving behind long lasting impact
One thing about my project was guaranteed:
I had to do everything to make that people
happy and to put a smile on their faces. I
think I achieved that. Everyone touched my
heart and that everyone came with my
beautiful, wonderful and amazing ÍNDIA
-Inês Fernandes da Silva de Araújo
Lisbon, Portugal
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Anup Mohan
Incoming – Global Community Development Program
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