We enjoy We build We learn We develop

We learn
We learn by listening
to local farmers who
know the problems
in their own environment.
We develop
Together with local
farmers we develop
solutions through
training and innovation.
We build
Communities become
self reliant through
working together to
build a better future.
We enjoy
Together we can
enjoy being part of
a sustainable future.
Help us continue to build
communities free from the threat
of famine.
About Action Ethiopia
Action Ethiopia is a small UK charity partnered with Sunarma, in
Ethiopia. Sunarma is a sustainable resources NGO founded in
Addis Ababa in 2000 by Ethiopian professionals. Since then the
charity has taken off, achieving amazing things. Sunarma has the
foundation to push forward with all the latest projects, working in
rural Ethiopia.
Sunarma works amongst farmers who live in areas that are food
SUNARMA stands for
‘Sustainable Natural Resource
Management Association’ and as its name implies seeks
sustainable solutions to the challenges of rural Ethiopia.
SUNARMA's vision is for a stable and productive environment
with stable and productive people.
SUNARMA has a membership known as the General Assembly
that includes rural farmers as well as Ethiopian professionals from
many backgrounds and skills. SUNARMA has a UK organisation
of the same name who are registered with the UK Charity
Assistance is offered technically, managerially and with
relationships with our many supporters. SUNARMA is therefore
unique in having its head office in the country it works with a
support organisation based in the 'North'.
We would be vey pleased if you joined us and invite you to sign
up for a Newsletter so we can keep in touch.
For further information and to learn about our projects visit:
Land ruined by drought
and deforestation, in
need of restoration.
Simple methods of
water harvesting and
soil conservation bring
water supplies back
allowing seeds to grow.
Families are now
confident trees and
crops will grow, bringing
them enough food
to eat.
Action Ethiopia
Court Farm,
Clovelly, Bideford,
Devon, EX39 5TA
Bringing help and hope to some of
the poorest people in the world
Registered Charity No. 1093680