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Adzuki Bean Bolognaise
Soak and cook adzuki beans (with a piece of kombu
sea vegetable or a bay leaf to make the beans more
digestible) - or if you are in a hurry you could use a
can of adzuki beans. If cooking them, reserve the
cooking water to either drink (great for weight loss!) or
use as a base for a soup stock.
In a pot add:
Ø Bay leaves;
Ø Garlic:
Ø Onions;
Ø Herbs to your taste (oregano and basil are great in
this dish);
Ø Mushrooms;
Ø Fresh, roughly cut tomatoes;
Ø Organic tomato paste to taste;
Ø A small amount of water or stock from the beans;
Ø A dash of red wine (if you fancy!); and
Ø Celtic sea salt to your liking.
Once boiled, reduce to a simmer and cook
with the lid
on - the longer the better. Add the pre
canned beans at the time you reduce the heat.
This dish freezes well, so make enough for leftovers
and one of your dinners for next week is instantly
taken care of!
And for those of you who can't do without
can also add some organic mince meat if you
must! Bon Appétit everyone!!
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