Instructions for Logging on to myTAYLOR - 4040

Client Services, Taylor University
myTAYLOR Logon Instructions
IMPORTANT! myTAYLOR will temporarily lock you out after six failed attempts.
If you get locked out, wait five minutes, and try again.
Log onto myTAYLOR
 Browse to
 Type your Taylor username and password (both were
mailed to you in your Admissions packet).
i. Student usernames are based on
firstname_lastname. Use the ‘preferred’ first name
you provided when you registered. (i.e. jim_smith or
Locate the Links Bar
 Email
 Calendar
 Blackboard
 FinAid
 Groups
Revising: 5/5/2015
 Click the Email button in the Links Bar
i. If prompted, enter your Taylor username &
 Click the Bb button in the Links Bar
 Verify that Blackboard welcomes you by name
 DO NOT log off of Blackboard, close the Blackboard tab,
and log out of myTAYLOR instead.
Log out of myTAYLOR
 Click Logout
 Always log out when leaving your PC
1. Wait outside for your O-Group
Revising: 5/5/2015