Angels Secret ™ - Seven Layer Comfort

Angels Secret™ - Seven Layer Comfort
Women want a pad that feels so natural they forget it is there. Angels Secret’s™ natural feel is achieved
by combining seven efficient layers into one flexible, ultra-thin pad.
Clean, Confident, Comfortable
Eliminate discomfort and embarrassment with Angels Secret’s ultra-thin pads.
• Soft: Permeated cotton surface allows moisture to instantly be transported away from the skin.
• Dry: Super-absorbent polymer core instantly draws in and retains additional moisture.
• Hygienic: Unique 7 layer design creates a healthy, odor-free experience.
• Secure: Double-lined leakage barriers lock moisture in.
• Breathable: High quality materials allow ventilation and disperse moisture.
Feel natural and fresh day and night with Angels Secret™
Angels Secret™ comes in four different varieties. Day, Night, Extra Long and Panty Liner. Each of these share the Ultra-Tin, Super Absorbent
properties and are designed to meet all the needs you may have.
Angels Secret™ Day Pads ensure comfort and protection in any situation. Whether you are sitting at a desk or on the go, you will feel secure and clean.
Using the exclusive 7-layer design, these pads provide versatile flex, absorption, and breathability to support your daily demands. Angels Secret Day Pads
are ultra-thin at 0.8mm. You will hardly know it is there.
Angels Secret™ Night Pads allow you to sleep worry-free. Made with the exclusive 7-layer design, these thin pads are comfortable and keep you feeling
fresh and dry during the long hours of the night. A super-absorption core instantly draws moisture in for leakage control. Sleep clean, dry, and peaceful
with Angels Secret Night Pads.
Angels Secret™ Extra Long Pads provide perfect protection for the days you need it most. Using the exclusive 7-layer design, these thin pads are
designed for ultimate absorption and comfort. They will stay in place and leave you feeling fresh and secure. Eliminate embarrassment and frustration with
Angels Secret’s Extra Long Pads.
Angels Secret™ Panty Liners are the natural choice for days when flow is light or for tampon back-up. Now even thinner at 0.6mm, these soft pads will flex
with your every move. Made with quality permeated cotton, Angels Secret Panty Liners will give you the dry fresh feel that keeps you going all day long.