The Impact of Economic Factors on the Pharmaceutical Industry

The Impact of
Economic Factors on
the Pharmaceutical
Industry - Where the
Next Five Years Will
Take Us
Report Description
Although there is debate about the direction the US economy is headed, most analysts agree
that though we are moving in towards a recovery, labor markets will be slow to rebound.
The economic downturn that we’re currently in has brought a number of challenges for the
pharmaceutical industry, such as loss of health coverage through unemployment, decreasing
health benefits for those still employed, and a lessened ability to pay for co-pays or
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“The Impact of Economic Factors on the Pharmaceutical Industry - Where the Next Five Years
Will Take Us” is a consultancy-style report focused on the key economic issues affecting all
pharmaceutical sectors and the various strategies companies are using to grow their business
in these extremely challenging times.
Report Description
Economic overview and the healthcare reform
Effect of the economy on patient adherence
Effect of the economy on the generics market
Review of key strategies related to manufacturing, R&D, and sales and marketing
Impact of the shift towards emerging economies
Future outlook
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Report Description
Key Reason To Purchase
• Understand the key issues which will impact your business throughout the coming years.
• Develop effective business strategies in areas such as patient adherence, generic
competition, health care changes, and emerging markets.
• Identify & exploit where and how you can support your brand and organization by taking
aim at these key issues head on.
• Gain access to a fully sourced executive assessment of the challenges being faced within
pharma and the changes being seen throughout the industry which will impact your current
and future revenue streams.
• Compare strategies that your company is employing to grow the business with that of your
competitors in these difficult economic times.
Table Of Content
• Executive Summary
• Economic Overview
• Health Care Reform
• Patient Adherence
• Generics Market
• Emerging Markets
• Outlook for the Pharmaceutical Industry
• Appendix
Table Of Content @
Table Of Content
• Layoffs: The Future of the Sales Representative
• The Top Layoffs
• The Impact of Layoffs on the Pharma Industry
• Pfizer, Merck, AstraZeneca
• PhRMA’s Revised Code: Training and Conduct
• Conclusion
• Appendix
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