The New Pharmaceutical Sales Force - Key Trends Shaping Future Sales Strategies

The New
Pharmaceutical Sales
Force - Key Trends
Shaping Future Sales
Report Description
There are few companies in the pharmaceutical industry that are not experiencing decreased
revenue and profitability. At the same time, the costs associated with developing a new drug
and bringing it to market continues to grow. In order to increase value for shareholders,
pharmaceutical companies will need to restructure their businesses from top to bottom. Many
jobs will be lost, moved to other markets or redefined to fit the evolving pharmaceutical
business model.
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In part I of a two-part series on sales and marketing to the pharmaceutical industry, this
consultancy-style report provides an overview of the evolution of pharmaceutical sales
strategy. The focus of our analysis is on how ongoing layoffs and revised regulations are
contributing to the restructuring of the pharmaceutical sales model.
Report Description
Overview and the changing sales model
The future of the sales representative
PhRMA’s Revised Code: training and conduct
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Report Description
Key Reason To Purchase
• CBR Pharma Insights identifies and highlights the key challenges currently facing the
pharmaceutical industry’s sales forces.
• Visualize the cost-benefit ratio surrounding the current pharmaceutical sales force model
and see where key issues reside.
• Gain a better understanding of the changing pharmaceutical sales model and how best to
re-focus it to meet the needs of physicians.
• Gain access to CBR Pharma Insights’ analysis on the impact of layoffs within the
pharmaceutical industry as “real world” pharmaceutical company examples are provided.
• Benefit from our key conclusions and insights to best support the challenges being faced by
the pharmaceutical industry with its sales force model.
Table Of Content
• Executive Summary
• Introduction
• Challenges Facing the Pharma Industry
• Cost-benefit of the Pharmaceutical Sales Model
• The Changing Sales Model: What Can the Pharmaceutical Industry do for Physicians?
• Dividing the Pharma Sales Force
• Increased Regulatory OversightAppendix
Table Of Content @
Table Of Content
• Layoffs: The Future of the Sales Representative
• The Top Layoffs
• The Impact of Layoffs on the Pharma Industry
• Pfizer, Merck, AstraZeneca
• PhRMA’s Revised Code: Training and Conduct
• Conclusion
• Appendix
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