We can custom make any cake for you whether it... contains sugar. Please note that we cannot decorate sugar...

Custom Cakes - We can custom make any cake for you whether it is Sugar Free or
contains sugar. Please note that we cannot decorate sugar free cakes with fondant
or gum paste. Prices start at $50.00 and vary depending on your cake style, size,
and decor. Please check out our pictures on Facebook or on our website, or come
into our store to look at pictures of previous cakes or to design your cake. You may
also bring us a picture and we will do our best to decorate to your specifications.
We are open M-F 7AM-8PM, and Sat. 8AM-8PM. We are open most
Sundays from 10:30 AM to 4 PM. Please call us before coming in. Our
space can be reserved for your private special occasion at certain hrs.
Please call us with your request. We also cater and deliver on orders
more than $100.00.
Whether it's Sugar or Sugar Free,
Mouth watering it will be, we guarantee…
Sugar Free Treats
Mini Cupcakes - We offer our standard flavors of Vanilla, Chocolate, & Red Velvet as well as
different selections such as Oreo, Reese's, Key Lime, Carrot, German Chocolate and flavors listed on
our website. $1.25
Wannabes- Vanilla or Chocolate Muffin stuffed with Vanilla Bavarian then dipped in Caramel or
Chocolate. $4.50
Parfait- Flavors vary daily. These are layered with Bavarian cream, cake, different flavors such as
fruit or pudding, and whipped cream. $4.50
Muffins- We have a variety in our store including Cinnamon Coffee Cake, Chocolate, S.O.B
(strawberry, orange, banana), Caramel Hazelnut, & Blueberry. Flavors vary weekly. $3.25
Loaves - We have a variety of loafs in our store including Banana Nut, Cranberry Orange, Lemon
Poppy Seed, and Cinnamon swirl. $9.99
Brownies - Plain or with Walnuts, these are chocolaty & moist. $3.25
Brownie Delight - Brownie served with a scoop of your choice of 4 flavors of ICE CREAM!!!. $4.25
Cookies - We have a variety in our store and change them out weekly. These include Peanut Butter,
Orange Dreamsicle , Haystack, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip and Our Frosted Snickerdoodle $1.25
Cinnamon Rolls - Delicious sweet dough smothered with Schmear. $3.49. 4/Pack Mini $9.99
Cannolis - Crunchy Pastry filled with Bavarian Cream, topped with caramel and chocolate drizzle.
Eclairs - Pastry filled with Vanilla Bavarian, dipped in chocolate and with white chocolate drizzle.
Pies- Apple, Razzleberry, Blueberry, our popular Coconut Cream and many more. Flavors vary daily.
Available in 5" and 9". Prices Vary
Cake slices- You will always find huge Vanilla & Chocolate cake slices in our store. We add flavors
such as German Chocolate & Raspberry weekly. $4.50
In stock cake - We have 8”, 3-layer cakes available every week in our display ready to grace any
one of your spur of the moment occasions. $40.00
Gluten Free Treats
Cookies - These are delicious and also Gluten/Sugar Free. They include Macaroons, Lemon, Peanut
Butter, SUGAR cookie & OUR FAMOUS Cranberry White Chocolate Chip Cheesecake. $1.50
Other treats - Mini Cupcakes vanilla, chocolate, red velvet. Cinnamon Rolls, Banana Muffin,
Brownies, Full Cakes and much more.
S.F. Cheesecake- These come in Plain NY Style, Marbled with fruit or chocolate, or topped with fruit.
Plain Bites $3.00, Fruit Bites $3.50, 6” Plain $12.00, Marbled or Fruit $13.00,
New Grains Certified Gluten Free- In addition to our G.F. treats made in house we carry FRESH not
frozen Sandwich Breads, Sourdough, Dinner Rolls, Hamburger Buns, English Rolls, Tortillas, Cookies,
and Pecan Caramel Bars. (These are made in a certified GF facility)
Fully Loaded Sugar Treats
World Famous Sugar Cookies - This is the original Hagermann’s recipe (thanks, guys!) $1.95 We can
custom-make your sugar cookies for any special occasion (additional charge)
Mini Sugar Cookie- $.93 We can custom-make your sugar cookies for any special occasion.
Mini Cupcakes- You will always find Red Velvet in our store. In addition, we change add flavors such as
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip with Cream Cheese icing, Raspberry Vanilla, and Key Lime. $1.25
Brownies - These are rich, chocolaty, and drizzled with sugar icing. $2.50
Blondies - These are the blonde, vanilla version of our brownie. $2.50
Lemon Bars - These are a three layered treat. Perfectly lemony and drizzled with lemon sugar drizzle. $2.50
Peanut Butter Bar- This bar has three layers of yumminess. The crust, the peanut butter filling, and 2 layers
of chocolate. $2.50
Naughty Bars- VERY naughty, these are layered with a crust, three different chocolate chips, coconut
flakes, and condensed milk. $2.50
Please note that all sandwiches may be requested as a wrap or Gluten-free
Turkey Pomodoro - Fresh Roast Turkey Breast. Havarti Cheese, slow-roasted tomato spread,
cucumber, mild cran-peño jelly on Country French Bread. $7.99 full/ $5.99 half
"The Real"Philly Cheesesteak- Packed with steak, grilled peppers, onions, & Provolone on an
Authentic Philly Amoroso large roll. Full $7.99 A half? Fuggedaboutit!!
Mooch's Juicy Pot Roast - Fresh Juicy Turkey Pot Roast. Swiss Cheese, onion, jalapeño jelly
on Sourdough Bread. $7.99 full/ $5.99 half
Cali Turkey - Fresh Turkey Breast, Bacon, Provolone, Cucumber, Tomato, Lettuce, & Avocado.
dijon/mayo On Country French bread. $7.99 full/$5.99 half.
Roast Beef- Fresh Roast Beef, Onion, Cucumber, Lettuce, slow-roasted tomato spread, Swiss
cheese and Apricot Jalapeno Jelly on Artisan Roasted Garlic Bread. Full $7.99, Half $5.99
BLT- Packed with sweet heat marinated Bacon, Tomato, Lettuce, Provolone & Russian dressing
on French Bread. Full $7.49, Half $5.49
Big Kids Grilled Cheese- Havarti, Mild Horseradish Chive Cheese, Ham, optional onions and
tomatoes melted together on Garlic bread. Full $6.99, Half $4.99
Grilled Chicken Hoagie- Packed with marinated chicken, grilled peppers, onions, & Habanero
Cheese on an on Amoroso large roll. Full only $7.99.
Hummazing Veggie- (Vegan too) Cucumber, tomato, spinach, and onion doused in hummus and
eggless aioli dressing. Served on Multigrain Whole Wheat Bread. (add Horseradish Chive
Cheddar for Veggie) Full $6.99, Half $4.99.
Kids Sandwiches- Grilled Cheese, Ham orTurkey & Cheese or PB&J, includes mini sugar cookie.
Mac & Cheese Combo- Mac & Cheese, juice drink box and a mini sugar cookie. $4.50
Make it a Combo- Add chips, a mini cookie, and a 20oz drink to your meal for $2.00
Soup & 1/2 Sandwich- A bowl of soup with half sandwich of your choice. $7.49
Soup- A generous bowl of soup. $3.49 Tomato Basil Bisque Daily
Fuzzy’s Burrito- Potato Hash, Eggs, Sausage, Ham, or Bacon and Cheese drizzled with special
sauces, and wrapped in a tortilla. $5.49
Wuzzy’s Sandwich- Ham, Sausage, or Bacon, Eggs, & Cheese on French Bread. $5.49
Egg & Cheese Sandwich- Well, it has eggs and cheese! Special sauce on French Bread. $4.49
Oatmeal- Selction of different varieties of Oatmeal cups. $2.99
All you can eat French Toast(Saturdays only) - Sugar or sugar free. Made with our delicious
White Chocolate Pecan Bread and Includes whipped cream, strawberries, maple or caramel
buttermilk syrup. $5.99
We carry Freshly Brewed Silver Bean Coffees, Hot Chocolate, Teas and a large selection of
Fountain and Can/Bottled Beverages.