New Enrollment Requirements - Castlebay Lane Charter School

Ramon C. Cortines
Superintendent of Schools
Victoria Littlejohn
Los Angeles Unified School District
Castlebay Lane Charter School
19010 Castlebay Lane, Northridge, CA 91326
Telephone: (818) 360-1908
Fax: (818) 831-5492
Verification for Residency Policy
2015 – 2016
Los Angeles Unified School District policies require that for registration of enrollment
and continual enrollment of all students, satisfactory proof of residence must be
provided to the school by the student’s parents or legal guardian.
In order to receive an enrollment packet, ALL THREE of the following
ORIGINAL documents are required as proof of residence and must be in the name of
at least one of the parents or legal guardian:
If you own, lease or rent the property:
1)Current official government mail such as, property tax bill, income tax return,
CalWorks, Social Security
2) Current DWP bill
3) Current gas bill
Please note, giving a false address or the address of a friend or relative is illegal and
subject to prosecution as fraud. Giving a false address is also subject to civil
penalties or lawsuit (California Family code 6552; California Penal code 118, 125).
Castlebay Lane Charter School has an internal system to actively investigate all cases
where it has a reason to believe that residency has changed and/or false information
has been provided. Verifications will include home visits at random times. All
students with false addresses will be transferred to their home school.
If you are missing any documents that are required we WILL NOT be able to
complete your registration at this time.
Hours for registration will be:
8:30 am – 12:00 pm
1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
As of 3/25/15
Our mission is to foster in all students the development of creative thinking, rigorous problem-solving,
respect for individual differences, and high ethical standards, while placing an emphasis in the arts.