ROTAVEX solution Avalon Pharma

ROTAVEX solution
Avalon Pharma
Rotavex is a solution of salicylic acid and rhubarb
Extract containing anthraquinone glycosides rotavex
contains 0.3% w/v anthraquinone glycosides of rhubarb Extract and 1% w/v salicylic acid.
Rotavex is used for oral ulceration.
- Avoiding using for individuals below 16 years old.
- Hypersensitivity to any of constituents.
Direction of usage:
Dab thoroughly three times a daily the inflamed
mucous membranes.
Avoid rinsing the mouth immediately after application.
For a good and lasting therapeutic effect it is important that the treatment begun by the physician be
continued by the patient at home. The bottle should
be carefully closed after use.
Storage conditions:
Store below 30ºC, away from any flame source.
Rotavex is available in 10 ml bottle with brush.
Produced by:
Middle east pharmaceutical industries co. ltd.
(Avalon pharma), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Tel:
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