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Catholic Church
Imitating Jesus’ merciful gaze, the Church must accompany her
most fragile sons and daughters, marked by wounded and lost love,
with attention and care restoring trust and hope to them .
Extraordinary Synod on the Family, October 13, 2014
Fourth Sunday of Lent, March 15, 2015
Taizé Prayer
Adopt a Family
for Easter
This year we will again be coordinating the Adopt-A-Family Program
for Easter. This includes buying a
Easter meal for a family and providing
some staple foods and/or paper products. We ask that you buy a Meijer gift
care for the meat. An Easter basket
for the family is optional. All items
need to be delivered to church the
weekend of March 28/29. If you have
questions or want to adopt a family,
contact Karen/Lisa in the parish office.
The Service Commission is
hosting our last soup supper in Lent
this Thursday, March 19. Join us from
6-7pm for soup, bread and fellowship.
Please sign up in the vestibule to let us
know you are coming. There will be a
free will offering going to Love INC.
Lenten program, “The Joy of the Gospel” begins at 7:00 pm.
March, 19, our guest will be
Deborah Nelson, who is the new Executive Director of Love INC North
Oakland County, (Love in the Name of
Christ). Deborah will update our community on the work her organization is
doing in the North Oakland County
Join us Tuesdays at 7:00 pm during Lent and Thursday night in Holy Week
for Taize Prayer. The format is sung evening prayer using the chants of the
Taizé Ecumenical Community. After the evening psalm and the lighting of the
candles the reading of the day is proclaimed. This is followed by an extended
period of silence. The prayer concludes with intercessory prayer and more songs.
Easter Baskets
The Service Commission is coordinating the Easter Basket Program. Baskets will be donated to local needy children and adults. We ask that you pick up
a paper Easter Egg, with a list of suggested items, buy a basket, grass and other
items and return the filled basket wrapped in cellophane by Sunday, March 29. If
you take a tag, please return the basket as each basket is pre-assigned to a specific
individual. Gift card tags for Meijer or Kroger are also being collected to help
provide Easter dinner to families in need.
Questions, Call Karen/Lisa in the parish office.
Pope Francis in the Joy of the Gospel writes “Commitment to ecumenism
responds to the prayer of the Lord Jesus that “they may all be one” (Jn 17:21).
The credibility of the Christian message would be much greater if Christians
could overcome their divisions and the Church could realize “the fullness of
catholicity proper to her in those of her children who, though joined to her by
baptism, are yet separated from full communion with her”. We must never forget that we are pilgrims journeying alongside one another. This means that we
must have sincere trust in our fellow pilgrims, putting aside all suspicion or mistrust, and turn our gaze to what we are all seeking: the radiant peace of God’s
face. Trusting others is an art and peace is an art. Jesus told us: “Blessed are the
peacemakers” (Mt 5:9).”
Join us on Thursday night,
March 12 as Fr. Vic Clore again
explores Francis’ “program.” You
can listen and/or watch a video of
last week’s stellar presentation on
our website or on Facebook. Soup
supper at 6pm. Presentation at
7pm. Free Childcare provided.
A FREE Audio podcast of The Joy of the Gospel is available
at The full, printable text is FREE at
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Christ the Redeemer, Lake Orion
Nicodemus comes to Jesus, the Light of the World, at night.
The movement from darkness to light mimics the birth process. We must be “born again” to enter a community of light.
This means a letting go of a network of relationships that are
not life giving so that we can be knit into a network of relationships that brings healing, reconciliation, and abundant life rooted in the eternal.
In the book of Numbers Yahweh tells Moses to raise up a serpent on a
standard, and "anyone who has been bitten by a serpent and looks upon it will
be healed" (21:8). The very thing that was killing them is the thing that will heal
them! Richard Rohr reflects on the image of the bronze serpent that became the
symbol for doctors and healers.
“Those who "gaze upon" (John 19:37) the crucified long enough with contemplative eyes are always healed at deep levels of pain, forgiveness, aggressivity
and victimhood. It demands no theological education at all, just an "inner exchange" by receiving the image within and offering one's soul back in safe return.”
“I would ask you to consider the crucifix as a homeopathic image, like those
medicines that give you just enough of the disease so you could develop a resistance and be healed from it. The cross dramatically reveals the problem of
ignorant killing, to inoculate us against doing the same thing.”
“Salvation history seems to lead people into the very darkness that they seek
to overcome. There they learn its real character, and how to unlock it from inside. John sees it as what Jesus is doing on the cross (John 3:13; 8:28; 12:31;
“This deep gazing upon the mystery of divine and human suffering is found
in the prophet Zechariah in a very telling text that became a prophecy for the
transformative power of the victims of history. He calls Israel to "Look upon
the pierced one and to mourn over him as for an only son," and "weep for him
as for a firstborn child," and then "from that mourning" (five times repeated)
will flow "a spirit of kindness and prayer" (12:10) and "a fountain of water" (13:1; 14:8).”
“I believe we are invited to gaze upon the image of the crucified to soften
our hearts toward God, and to know that God's heart has always been softened
toward us, even and most especially in our suffering. This softens us toward ourselves and all others who suffer.
I very much agree with Carl Jung, who said that transformation at the deeper levels happens in the presence of images much more than through concepts.
This is a difficulty for both Protestantism and Islam, in my opinion. Good art
seems absolutely essential to healthy religion. Jews use the "art" of storytelling
and Midrash.”
Richard Rohr, “The Mystery of the Cross” (Things Hidden: Scripture as
Spirituality, p. 192)
Fr. Joe
Drama! Suspense! Music!
Celebrate Easter at CTR!
I sometimes enter the season of
Lent with trepidation, even though I
know it is followed by a Celebration!
We know we must journey through
the valley in order to fully appreciate
new life offered in Easter.
The Celebration of Easter is not
simply a family dinner. The celebration begins with Palm Sunday and intensifies through Holy Week. The
Passion Drama on Palm Sunday, Mass
of the Lord’s Supper, Good Friday
Service, the Easter Vigil on Saturday
and the Sunday Easter Masses all offer
opportunities for us to celebrate the
Resurrection of the Lord.
These liturgies involve many ministries and require numerous volunteers with roles for both individuals
and families. Please consider filling a
role, whether new or returning. We
are grateful for your gifts of time and
talent to help us as we prepare the
Please stop by the Liturgical Ministries sign up table near the office following Masses and help us celebrate
Feel free to contact me with any
questions at 248-891-8156 or
[email protected]
Please welcome and encourage
others to join with us in this Celebration.
Kenn Andridge
did you know…..
Our coffee/donut ministry is selfsustaining. The donations from this
ministry are not covering the costs.
The following is a list of costs: bagel/
donut .65; glass of juice .18; cup of
coffee .10.
A family of four can have a donut
or bagel accompanied by a cup of coffee or juice and the cost would be
$3.16. Please be good stewards and
contribute appropriately. Thanks for
helping us continue this ministry.
Christ the Redeemer, Lake Orion
Missing Fermenting
We will be back after Easter on
the 1st & 3rd Thursdays beginning
April 16 at 7:00 pm! Our next topic
will be, The Doctrine of Grace, a concept that Catholics, Orthodox, and
Protestants agree is of great importance. It is also a concept that is
the source of tremendous disagreement between Catholics, Orthodox,
and Protestants. Its theological development by theologians has led to the
creation of certain famous aspects of
Christianity such as original sin and
predestination. Learn about the theological concept of grace and it is a vital
component in the Christian understanding of salvation.
Reconciliation Service
Thursday, March 26
7:00 pm
St. Joe’s Catholic Church,
715 N. Lapeer Road,
Lake Orion
Our RCIA (The Rite of Christian
Initiation of Adults) is designed to
welcome anyone interested in learning
more about Catholicism and/or officially being initiated through the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and
Eucharist into our Catholic Community. Contact Lisa Brown, 248-3914074 or [email protected] for more
Sacrament of
Is your child ready to receive the
Sacrament of Reconciliation? If yes,
please plan on attending one of our
two upcoming sacramental preparation
workshops on Monday, March 23 or
Tuesday, March 24 at 7:00 pm Registration required. Please contact Maryalice at [email protected]
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Crazy Catholic Question #27
Exodus reads “I am the Lord your God. You shall not have other gods
before me” and yet this past weekend we prayed for unity with Muslims.
Why would we want to unify with those adoring a false God?”
Fr. Joe happened to see this question submitted on Monday morning before
I did and he offered a succinct and perfect answer. He responded “In reading
your question I see that the apparent contradiction you highlight comes from a
misunderstanding of Catholic teaching. Muslims do not worship a false God,
they worship God. We use the name God in English; the name for God in Arabic is Allah and the Hebrew name for God is Yahweh or Elohim. All three Abrahamic religions worship the same God. I highly suggest you read the very significant document from the Second Vatican Council on our relationship not only to
the Abrahamic religions, but to other regions as well. Its only two and a half pages long, entitled Nostra Aetate, 1965.”
Below are a few adapted excerpts from the document Fr. Joe cites, the full
document can be viewed here:
“In our time, when humankind is being drawn closer together, and the ties
between different peoples are becoming stronger, the Church examines more
closely the relationship to non-Christian religions. In her task of promoting unity
and love among people and nations, she considers above all what all people have
in common and what draws them to fellowship.
One is the community of all peoples, one their origin, for God made the
whole human race…One also is our final goal, God. God’s providence, manifestations of goodness, and saving design extend to all people….all religions try to
counter the restlessness of the human heart, each in its own manner, by proposing teachings, rules of life, and sacred rites. The Catholic Church rejects nothing
that is true and holy in these religions. She regards with sincere reverence those
ways of conduct and of life, those teachings which, though differing in many aspects from the ones she holds and sets forth, nonetheless often reflect a ray of
that Truth which enlightens all people….
The Church exhorts her children, that through dialogue and collaboration
with the followers of other religions, carried out with prudence and love, in witness to the Christian faith and life, they recognize, preserve and promote the
good things, spiritual and moral, as well as the socio-cultural values found among
these people….
The church has a high regard for the Muslims. They worship God, who is
one, living and subsistent, merciful and almighty, the Creator of heaven and
earth, who has also spoken to humanity. They endeavor to submit themselves
without reserve to God, just as Abraham did, to whose faith Muslims eagerly link
their own. Although not acknowledging him as God, they venerate Jesus as a
prophet; his virgin Mother they also honor, and even at times devoutly invoke….they highly esteem an upright life and worship God, especially by way of
prayer, alms-deeds and fasting. Many quarrels have arisen between Christians
and Muslims. We plead with all to forget the past, and urge a sincere effort be
made to achieve mutual understanding; for the benefit of all, let us together preserve and promote peace, liberty, social justice and moral values….
Our relation to God and our relation with one another are so linked together
that Scripture says: "He who does not love does not know God" (1 John 4:8)
….The Church reproves, as foreign to the mind of Christ, any discrimination or
harassment due to race, color, condition of life, or religion. On the contrary, we
ardently implore the Christian faithful to "maintain good fellowship among the
nations" (1 Peter 2:12), and, if possible, to live for their part in peace with all people…
Send your "Crazy Catholic Questions" to [email protected] or read
past columns at: - Lisa Brown
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Christ the Redeemer, Lake Orion
Lent in Youth Ministry
I would love to invite all teens in grades 912 to join us Tuesdays from 7-9 pm during Lent
for a special series called, “Chase”. We will be
taking a closer look at some of the “things”
we’re chasing in our busy lives. It’s so easy to
become distracted and derailed from our faith
journey by events and objects that seem to be
value added but that actually take us away from
our relationship with Christ. David was a man
who chased after the heart of God. Join us as
we look at his life and how, despite his short
comings, God was able to use him in remarkable ways. Sessions continue on March 17 and
24. What are you chasing?
Spring Break Mission 2015
Are you a student in grades 9-12 looking for
something new to do on Spring Break? Join us
as we journey to the Old Redford district in Detroit and work with the Motor City Blight Busters Wednesday April 8-Friday, April 10. We
begin each morning at CTR with a light breakfast and prayer before we carpool down to Lahser and Grand River. We never know exactly
what our tasks will be when we arrive, but it’s
always interesting. We may be doing anything
from clearing up parks of illegal dumping, cleaning empty lots, or taking down burned and
abandoned homes. If you like to meet new and
interesting people, swing a sledge hammer and
help others, then this is the experience for you.
We leave CTR at about 8:30 am and return each
evening by 5:30 pm.
We have scheduled an informational/
training meeting for Thursday, March 26
from 7-8 pm in Bethany. Contact Lisa Andridge for more information.
Upcoming Events
Thursday, March 26 – Spring Break Mission
Information Meeting
Wednesday, April 8 – Friday, April 10 –
Spring Break Mission
Saturday, May 16 – Project Peace by Piece
Saturday, May 30 – Graduation Mass and
John 3:14-21
A strong theme running through this week’s readings is,
choose life and light. My husband has a line he’s said to our four
children many times over the years, “Nothing good happens after
midnight.” Basically, what he’s saying is, “There is no reason to
be out and about after midnight. Nothing productive or good
happens in the dark, so get yourselves home!” This is what this
week’s Gospel is saying. We are called to be “children of the
light” and to “live in the light.”
Working with teens, I try to keep up with the latest and
greatest in social networking – no small task, and one I struggle
with. In an effort to meet the needs of the current generation,
I’ve heard of some churches that even offer Reconciliation
online. There is an online service called, “The Confession
Booth” where one can go for online confession. The digital
priest asks, “How long has it been since your last confession?”
You type in the number of days or weeks. Then you fill out a
checklist itemizing your sins. You even get your penance electronically. If that isn’t enough, you can even scroll through other
people’s confessions on a “Scroll of Sins” making it possible to
compare your sins to others. How easy to judge, condemn and
make ourselves feel like we’re better than much of society. True
confession leads to healing. The contrite heart restores relationship with God. I’m not saying someone using this format is not
sincerely looking for reconciliation, but I feel like something is
missing. Confession isn’t meant to be “information transfer, but
relational healing.” Are we really letting God’s mercy and healing
be a part of the experience? Cyber-confession is anonymous,
where sacramental confession is personal. This format totally bypasses the one-on-one connection with a Priest as well as any
human contact. I realize we are becoming a big self-help society
with access to everything online, but this floored me. There is
something sacred about speaking aloud our sins, privately, to a
Priest, having a conversation and receiving our penance from a
living, breathing person. Maybe I’m not being progressive
enough, but I feel like this electronic platform is somehow still
holding our sins in the dark.
• How do you think this online “confession booth” defeats the
purpose of the real meaning of the sacrament?
• Most evils are perpetrated in the dark. This Lent, take some
time to evaluate your life. Are there things you need to move
from the darkness into the light?
“Those who follow the true way come to the light, and it shows that the
things they do were done through God.” Jn 3:21
Christ the Redeemer, Lake Orion
Looking AHEAD
Mass Intentions
March 14 & 15
5:00 pm For the Souls in Purgatory
req. by Dorothy Wylin.
9:00 am For William Flanigan req. by
the Smith family.
For the people in the parish.
11:00 am For Casimir Winiemko
req. by family.
For Jim Sulinski req. by family.
March 21 & 22
5:00 pm For Mark Wylin
req. by Dorothy Wylin.
For Bob Siegler req. by
the Moroun family.
9:00 am For Tom Weakland
req. by family.
For Paula Sulinski req. by family.
11:00 am For the people of the
4th Sunday in Lent, March
8:30 am Family Catechumenate
9:00 am Mass
9:00 am RCIA
11:00 am Mass
2:00 pm Faith Formation, 1-5
Monday, March 16
10:00 am LaLeche League
6:00 pm FROG
7:00 pm 8th Grade
7:00 pm Sunday Scripture
Tuesday, March 17
5:00 pm RCIA
5:45 pm Yoga
6:30 pm Stephen Ministry Class
7:00 pm Coffee House
7:00 pm Taize Prayer
7:45 pm Passion Drama
Wednesday, March 18
9:30 am Scripture Study
10:00am MOMS
4:40 pm Youth/Teen Ensemble
6:50 pm Adult Choir
7:45 pm AA & Alanon
The month of February, Christ
the Redeemer Church donated
$7,782.48 to the following appeals:
Catholic Relief Services
Blessings International
ORBIS International
Baldwin Center
Hope, Hospitality Warming
Center, Inc.
Catholic Charities
(Hispanic Outreach)
Catholic Charities of Southeast
Lighthouse of Oakland County
Grace Centers of Hope
Gary Burnstein Community
Health Clinic
Mary’s Mantel
Furniture Bank
Angel’s Place
Monthly Mission
Families in Crisis
Love INC
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Thursday, March 19
9:30 am Warm Up America
10:00 am 55+ Exercise Class
10:30 am MOMS
6:00 pm Soup Supper
7:00 pm Fr. Vic Clore-”The Joy
of the Gospel
Friday, March 20
9:00 am Mass
Saturday, March 21
9:00 am Yoga
10:15 am Yoga
5:00 pm Vigil Mass
5th Sunday of Lent, March 22
Blood Pressure Screening after
9:00 am Mass
9:00 am RCIA
10:30 am Lenten Mini Retreat
11:00 am Mass
1:00 pm Confirmation Prep &
Monday, March 23
6:00 pm FROG
7:00 pm 7th Grade
7:00 pm Reconciliation Parent
Child Workshop
7:00 pm Sunday Scripture
7:00 pm Young Widows
Tuesday, March 24
5:45 pm Yoga
6:00 pm Stephen Ministry Training
7:00 pm Coffee House
7:00 pm Parent/Child Reconciliation
7:00 pm Taize Prayer
7:45 pm Parish Council
7:45 pm 20 Something's Social
Wednesday, March 25
9:30 am Scripture Study
10:00 am MOMS
4:30 pm Youth/Teen Ensemble
6:00 pm FROG
6:50 pm Adult Choir
7:00 pm 6th Grade
7:45 pm AA & Alanon
Thursday, March 26
10:00 am 55+ Exercise Class
10:30 am MOMS
7:00 pm Summer Mission Info.
Friday, March 27
9:00 am Mass
Saturday, March 28
9:00 am Yoga
10:15 am Yoga
5:00 pm Vigil Mass
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Christ the Redeemer, Lake Orion
holy week schedule
palm Sunday
March 28/29
5:00 pm, 9:00 & 11:00 am
good Friday
April 3
12:00 Noon Stations of the Cross
1:05 pm Proclamation of
Psalm 22, Jim Goebel
1:15 pm Solemn Celebration of
the Passion of the Lord
Thursday, April 2, 8:00 pm
Easter vigil
in the holy night
11:30 pm-Midnight,
Taize Prayer
Saturday, April 4, 8:00 pm
Easter Sunday of the resurrection of the lord
April 5, 8:00, 9:30 & 11:15 am Masses
Welcome new parishioners
On Sunday, March 8, nine families registered in the parish. Please welcome:
Tony Albensi and Jessica Hallmark and children Jack and Kate.
Jonathan and Emily D’Angelo and son Felix.
David and Denise Geiger and children Devin, Alexandra and Shane.
Eric and Angela Lewandowski and children Ethan and Vanessa.
Brent and Ronda Rasche and daughter Kiersten.
Matt and Nancy Rzepnicki and children Matt and Cascade
Brenden and Nicole Sangeorzan and daughter Zoey.
David Sargent and son Nicholas.
Jeff and Rebella Thornton and children Brendan, Nicholas and Claire.
Calling all “20-Somethings”
On the third Tuesday of each month join us for a special “20-Somethings”
reception following our 7pm Taize Prayer. This monthly event is just a simple
gathering for the young people in our parish, vicariate and beyond to join together for prayer, meet some new friends and reconnect with old friends. ALL
are welcome – bring a friend! Just a reminder, Taize prayer is a solidly Ecumenical style of prayer, appropriate for ALL believers of every denomination, so it’s
a GREAT opportunity to invite your friends from other faith traditions to join
us at CTR for a unique prayer & fellowship experience!
Scripture Study Opportunities
Monday Night
Join us at 7:00 pm in the parish
office conference room for an indepth discussion and study of the
lectionary readings for our weekend
liturgies. All are welcome. Questions,
contact Jan Lumetta at [email protected]
Wednesday morning
from 9:30-11:00 am
No prep necessary. Drop-ins
welcome. Childcare provided by request. Contact David Nesbitt
at: [email protected] for
more information.
calling all spiritual
directors and theological raconteurs!
Are you a trained Spiritual Director
or Therapist looking for a meaningful
way to contribute your gifts for the lifting up of our CTR community? AND/
OR do you have some Theological
training and a desire and ability to
teach? Are these gifts you are willing to
share? If yes, to either or both of these
questions, please contact Lisa Brown
about some new programs we are
dreaming up! [email protected]
MOMS: Ministry of Moms
Moms with children of all ages are
welcome to meet with one or both of
our MOMS groups that gather on
Wednesday, 10:00-11:30 am OR
Thursday mornings 10:30 am -12:00
noon for fellowship, book discussions,
life lessons and faith building. For
more information contact Patty Weise
248-239-1118 (Weds) or Dayna Hollis
248-802-3804 (Thurs). Childcare is
grief support
Grieving with Great HOPE is a
five week grief support series that offers a prayerful, practical and personal
approach for anyone who is mourning
the loss of a loved one. If you have
lost a spouse, a child (including pregnancy loss), a grandchild, parent, another family member or a friend, you
are encouraged to attend. Presenters
will be Fr. Joe Dailey, Fr. Mike Verschaeve as well as John and Sandy
O’Shaughnessy from Good Mourning
Ministry, a local Catholic bereavement
organization. This is a joint effort with
our parish and St. Joseph Parish. This
year, the sessions will be held here at
CTR. See flyer in the vestibule for
registration details.
April 23, 30, May 7, 14 & 21
7:00-9:00 pm
with help from Modetz Funeral Home
Registration: $15 before April 16,
after $20.
Christ the Redeemer, Lake Orion
Table Donations Needed
Not higher than 18 inches.
Any size width or shape. To
donate or for more info please
contact Lisa Brown at
[email protected]
Gospel of life
“And Joseph awoke from his sleep and
did as the angel of the Lord commanded him,
and took Mary as his wife.” (Matthew
Since the 10th century, Catholics
have celebrated the feast day of St.
Joseph, the husband of the Blessed
Virgin Mary and the foster father of
Jesus. St. Joseph is the patron saint of
a number of cities and countries, as
well as of families, fathers, and expectant mothers.
Everything we know about St.
Joseph comes from the Bible. After
marrying Mary, Joseph found that she
was already pregnant, and being "a
just man and unwilling to put her to
shame," he decided to divorce her
quietly. An angel, however, came to
Joseph and told him that the child
Mary carried was the son of God and
was conceived by the Holy Spirit, so
Joseph kept Mary as his wife.
St. Thomas Aquinas discussed the
necessity of the presence of St. Joseph
in the plan of the Incarnation. If Mary
had not been married, the Jews would
have stoned her, and in his youth,
Jesus needed the care and protection
of a human father.
Last year, my wife and I visited
St. Joseph Oratory, Montreal, as part
of an archdiocesan pilgrimage. The
largest church in Canada, the Oratory
was founded by St. Brother André.
He urged people who came to him to
pray with confidence and perseverance to St. Joseph. St. Brother André
was associated with hundreds of healings and miracles during his lifetime,
but insisted, “I am nothing…only a
lowly instrument at the service of St.
On March 19, may we embrace
St. Joseph, and his follower St. Brother André, as they teach us the path of
prayer into the heart of Jesus.
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only a few weeks
left of free shopping!!!
Nametags: FREE shipping until March 31st
Over 100 parishioners have ordered their Christ the Redeemer
nametags to date! Don’t miss out
on the free shipping available
through the end the March!
To order your CTR magnetic,
reusable nametag ($6.50 each) go to: christtheredeemer
When prompted, choose
"Option 1" and choose "Customer
Pick-Up" as the method of shipping
(even though it says Salt Lake Area
only). Paypal/ Credit Cards accepted. After April 1st there will be an
extra $4.50 in shipping cost. If you
have any questions call Kirby Bayles
at 1-800-242-6224 or email
[email protected]
The Catholic Relief
Services Collection
“Amen, I say to you, whatever
you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me” (Mt
25:40). Today we are reminded that
Jesus identified himself with out
poorest brothers and sisters. The
Catholic Relief Services Collection
serves Jesus in the victims of human
trafficking, in those who suffer from
unjust laws, and in those who need
pastoral care and humanitarian assistance across the glove. Through
supporting this collection, you help
Jesus in disguise.
Please use the envelopes provided in the vestibule or in your
Additionally, our tithing
committee will donate to this collection.
Financial Stewardship
February 2015
Sunday Contributions:
(Under) Budget
($ 4,322)
Do you have a friend, neighbor,
co-worker, or relative who has been
struggling with the loss of a loved
one, loneliness, cancer, a layoff, relocation, divorce, a spiritual crisis, recuperation, single parenthood, or
any of countless other life challenges? Our Stephen Ministers can provide them with the focused care,
encouragement, and support they
need to make it through the crisis.
If you know of someone who is
hurting, talk with our Stephen Leader who will instruct you on how we
can connect the person with a Stephen Minister It’s a great way for
you to show how much you care?
For more information call Roger Buches, 248-444-5750 or email
Mike Hayes at
[email protected]
Keep informed on parish events
via a weekly email. To receive a
weekly updates, fill out the information on the main page of the
Hungering for Peace
We journey with CRS Rice Bowl to
Lebanon to be present to a people
who themselves are on a journey.
Here we meet a family of Syrian refugees, a family perhaps not so unlike
our own. We are challenged through
our almsgiving this week to reach out
to those who are forced to flee their
homes, who are seeking shelter in a
land of peace.
Page 8
Christ the Redeemer, Lake Orion
The following is the entire prayer list of Christ the
Redeemer Church. If you would like someone added to
the prayers please call the parish office.
For Our Parishioners
Paul Brimo
Jodi Dempsey Martin
Laurie O’Meara
Robert Kurzyniec
Tony Gibbs
Jane Beckwith
Fred Lennox
Stan Kowalski
Carey Chappell
Karen Rawski
Ellen Higgins
For the Military
…..our country’s military personnel especially those connected
to our parish.
For the Deceased
…..please remember in your
prayers the family of Therese
Wisnewski whose aunt Isabella
Powierski died.
For Loved Ones
Who Are Ill
Dave Berube father of
Elizabeth Delano
Don Kern uncle of
JoAnn Yops
Rolando Garcia Torres father of
Gabriela Mendez
Cameron Ruby
John Kielich brother of
Theresa Bieser
Hannah Campbell toddler friend of
Jessica Hallmark
Shari Morgan friend of
Therese Wisnewski
Stephanie Shim friend of
Therese Wisnewski
Hilton Muntz father of
Carol Daprai
Janice Klink niece of
Bev Gall
Sister Bea Keller the sister of
Mike Eyl
Kris Leith friend of
Martha and John Cooper
Muriel friend of
Martha and John Cooper
Frank Grepke and Ernie Pearson
brother in laws of Carol Lamb
Richard Welch father of
Theresa Myer
Lauren Hughes
Jerry Taylor nephew of
Barb & Steve Burr
John Bigger
Evelyn Winterfield sister of
Mary Elizabeth Murray
Patty Bianchi daughter of
Stella Slimko
Cameron Collins nephew of
Susan Arends
2700 Waldon Rd,
Lake Orion, MI 48360
Fr. Joe Dailey, Pastor
e-mail: [email protected]
248.391.1621, (Fax) 248.391.3412
Administrative: Sue Enjaian, ext. 10
e-mail: [email protected]
Administrative: Dawn Cejka, ext. 11
[email protected]
Finance: Christi Spencer, ext. 12
[email protected]
Christian Service: Karen Swietlik, ext. 17
[email protected] and
Lisa Pratt, ext. 17 [email protected]
Stephen Ministry: Roger Buches, 248.444.5750
Music Ministry: Mari Reyes, 248-674-4493
[email protected]
Hours: 9 am to 4 pm, Monday thru Thursday
9 am to 12:00 Noon, Friday
Website Address:
Pontiac Vicariate Website:
Lisa Brown, Director, ext. 20
[email protected]
Karen Jbara and Michele Pinelli,
Pre-K, Elementary Coordinators, ext. 19
[email protected]
Maryalice Tomei, Administrative, ext. 14
[email protected]
Deb Kiefer, Mid School, ext. 18
[email protected]
Lisa Andridge, Youth Minister, ext. 33
[email protected]
Saturday - 5:00 pm
Sunday - 9:00 am & 11:00 am
Daily - Check weekly bulletin
Parish Council (Meets 4th Tuesday)
Chair: Joanne Evola, 248.391.-0113
(Commissions meet 2nd Tuesday)
Chair: David Zande, 248.891.6950
Parish Finance Council
Chair: Jason Drake, 248.236.8102
We are a welcoming Christian community sharing in the mission of Jesus to proclaim the Kingdom of
We strive to "make a difference" within our local community and the world in which we live.
Through our gatherings for prayer, sacraments and sharing the Word of God, we are forming a growing
Recognizing the importance of each individual member, we call forth the varieties of gifts, talents and
ministries of all.
We seek to join with others who share in this mission. (7/23/03)
Chair: Kate Schueren, 248.393.2014
Chair: Bob Emick, 248.393.1901
Chair: Dominic Drohan, 248.693.4590