Another little Quiz Bridge for Beginners by

Another little Quiz Well last week’s Quiz was a disaster, and that was supposed to easy.
So go back to last weeks and test yourself again.
Once you understand the answers you can try this week.
If you don't understand the answers to last week’s quiz, email me, and I will reply just to you.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Partner opens 1NT, next hand passes and you have to find a bid with each of the next 2 hands.
The answers:
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You hold the same 2 hands, but this time after Partner opens 1NT, the next person makes a penalty
You now have to decide what to bid, in each case.
Question 1. We should bid 2 Clubs, Stayman. If the response is 2D we will bid 2H, and our partner,
the 1NT opener, will pass with a 3 card heart suit, but convert to 2S if they have a doubleton.
Question 2. We should bid 2 Diamonds, a transfer bid, promising 5+ hearts, and insisting that partner
bids 2H.
Question 3, when partner is doubled. We now use our escape mechanism.
We bid 2H, showing the lowest of 2 suits that contain at last 4 cards in each. Partner will only convert
this bid to 2S if they hold a doubleton Heart, but will pass with 3 or 4 hearts.
Question 4. We bid Redouble. This demands that partner bids
2 Clubs, and the redouble promises that we hold a suit of at least 5 cards, and will tell partner which it
is, either by passing if we hold 5+ Clubs, but in this case we will bid 2H.
Remember, we are playing both Stayman, in question 1, and Transfers in Question 2. And we have
an escape mechanism if our 1NT is doubled.
Make sure you are familiar with these conventions. Bridge for Beginners by Stan Abrahams