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Lateral Current Collection in nipi Structured
GaInNAs Solar Cells
Prof. Dr. Naci Balkan
University of Essex,
School of computer Science and Electronic Engineering
Colchester, UK
The ability of GaInNAs alloys (dilute nitrides)
to have band gaps significantly lower than
GaAs but remain lattice matched to it makes
them an interesting material for III-V tandem
solar cells.
However, the low diffusion length in dilute nitride material implies
that it is impossible to produce efficient cells using conventional
designs. Instead we propose a novel structure where the current
collection is by the drift of majority carriers and the poor low
diffusion length becomes insignificant. GaInNAs nipi structures
alone should reach AM1.5G one sun efficiencies as high as 15 % and
when incorporated in a GaInP / GaAs / 1eV cell may reach
efficiencies as high as 35 %.
Tarih : 04 Mart 2015, Çarşamba
Saat : 15:00 (14:45’te çay ve ikram servisimiz olacaktır.)
Yer : Fizik Bölümü, Fikret Kortel Seminer Salonu
İletişim: Yrd.Doç.Dr. Feyza Güzelçimen, [email protected]