Akosombo International School: SHS Entrance Exams into Form One.

Senior High School Entrance Examination
into Form One – 2015/2016 Academic Year
This is to inform Parents and Guardians who wish to enroll their children/wards in
Akosombo International Senior High School Form One for the 2015/2016 academic year,
to purchase registration forms for an Entrance Examination with details as follows:
The registration fee for all programmes is Eighty Ghana cedis (GH¢80.00)
(General Science, General Arts, Visual Art, Home Economics and Business Programmes)
The forms could be obtained from, and when completed returned to:
VRA Accra Reception (Head Office)
Akosombo International School (Accounts Office)
Akuse International School (Accounts Office)
GridCo, Kumasi (Administration)
Tamale Northern Electricity Department (Accounts Office)
VRA International School, Aboadze, (Accounts Office)
E-Forms could also be obtained at the Schools’ website at www.vraschools.com. Pay the
registration fee into AIS’ Ghana Commercial Bank Account No.: 2181130002311 or
Zenith Bank Account No.: 6011901484, for a code and visit website for further instructions.
You can also go to Unibank nationwide to get the application form.
Closing date for submission of application/registration forms is June 13, 2015.
entrance examination will be held at the three centres below:
(i) Accra High School, Accra.
(ii) Chemu Senior High School, Tema
(iii) Akosombo International School, Assembly Hall, Akosombo
Saturday June 27, 2015
9.00 a.m.
** Candidates must remember to:
affix their passport photos on the examination slips;
indicate the centre at which they would want to write the examination.
indicate their choice of elective programme.