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Leaving the U.S.?
We're serious about doing all we can to
protect you from debit card fraud.
That's why we're asking you to call us when
you plan to travel outside the. U.S.
We'll make sure you're able to continue using
your card without any problems.
It's just one of the many ways we're working
to help ensure your security.
International travel with
our Visa® debit card
If you intend on using your Visa Check
Card outside of the country (this includes
Canada and The Caribbean), please let us
know which countries you will be visiting
and when you expect to return. You can
notify us of your intended travel plans by
completing our online contact form found on
our Debit Card page (we will follow up with
you to verify your identity) or call us at
920-863-2161. By contacting us before you
leave, we can ensure you do not receive
any interruption of service and/or denials
with respect to legitimate international
transactions that you originate.
To learn more about your debit card visit
our website at www.denmarkstate.com and
select Services then Debit Cards.
Thank you and happy travels!