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Main Course
Tandoori Chicken
Cooking temp guide Cooking time –
Skill level –
Prep time –
Wow factor –
475f - 525f (240c+)
20 – 25 minutes
10 - 15 minutes (marinate day before if possible)
KCA Tandoori Chicken
In a large bowl or tub mix the following, adjust amounts depending upon the size
of chicken used, and to suit YOUR tastes.
*1/2-3/4 Jar commercial Tandoori Paste
*1 tbs of ground cumin
* chopped fresh coriander small hand full
*1 tsp ground turmeric
*1 med tub natural yogurt ( 2 cups)
*1 lemon (juiced)
*1 table spoon salt
1 x medium/large free range chicken
Turn the chicken down onto its breasts and with a heavy sharp knife break/cut
and remove the back centre bone. Lay the chicken out flat in a ‘butterfly
formation, don’t worry about removing any of the other bones such as the rib etc.
Mix all of the *marinade ingredients above thoroughly, then mix and rub into the
chicken, the best way is with your hands, (clean preferably!). Let stand in the
fridge well wrapped or sealed at least over night.
Ensure the cooker is pre heated and hot!
Place chicken skin down straight onto the main grill rack.
Cook skin side down for approximately 10 minutes, you should get lots of smoke
action form dripping marinade and juice etc, its quite okay to get some serious
‘charring’ and colour on the chicken.
After 10 minutes turn chicken over and insert ‘Maverick’ digital meat temp probe
into the thickest part of the chicken (normally around the thigh/breast join.
You should be looking for an internal meat temperature of around 72c to ensure
it’s properly cooked.
Depending on the size of the chicken it may take another 10-20 minutes to cook,
but the meat temp probe showing +72c will be your best guide.
Let the chicken rest/stand for 5 minutes (covered in foil) then cut into portions
(leave bones in). The chicken should have a crusty charred exterior and when cut
have lots of natural juice.
Serve with steamed basmati rice, lemon and natural yoghurt.
*Fool proof steamed rice*
Place rice (long grains, basmati, jasmine work best for this) in a heavy porcelain
casserole dish cover with approx 2 ½ parts water to 1 part rice, and a big pinch
of salt.
Heat on high in the microwave uncovered for approx 13-15 minutes , stopping
the process 2-3 times during the cook to stir/fluff the rice with a metal spoon.
At the end of the cook the rice should have absorbed 90% of the liquid, mix again
let stand for 3-5 minutes and its ready to serve.
*For fluffier and more separate grains of rice wash the rice liberally in a colander
to remove a lot of the excess starch, use more water then less, you can also rinse
the rise with very hot water at the end of the cook also to remove excess starch.
Basmati rice works best for this.
*For a more gluey and stuck together rice use less water and do not rinse the rise
at any stage, Jasmine rice works best for this.
Of course you could do the above in the Kamado also, times will be longer.
This chicken also brilliant served cold the next day!